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Healing with Our Children in the Pandemic and Beyond
While the world turned upside down during COVID-19, parents, teachers, therapists, social workers, families, and community leaders have had the added responsibility of keeping children physically and mentally safe, educated through virtual learning, occupied with restrictions and cancellations, and also healthy and happy amidst overall uncertainty.

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A Guide to Thriving in 2021 with Sahara Rose & GT Dave, Founder of GT's Living Foods

Industry leaders in the world of wellness, Sahara Rose and GT Dave (Founder of GT’s Living Foods, the producer of the #1 Kombucha brand in the world), took over Chopra's Instagram to dig deep into the self-care tools they are using to thrive in 2021. Learn what these experts in mind-body wellness had to say about self-care, balance, being of service, and using this year to make a big difference.

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