How Creative Expression Promotes Self-Love
There are many ways to cultivate self-love, whether it be through meditation, daily affirmations, or even exercise and taking care of our body nutritionally. But, these wellness responses to self-love aren’t the only ways to tune in—creativity can also help you get to new levels of love for yourself.
Connect With Your Inner Source of Infinite Love
As human beings, we all have a desire to love and be loved. This is basic to being human and is our deepest emotional need. In order to love others, and to fully accept the love of others, we must first love ourselves.
Embrace the Power of Nurturing Yourself
We’re faced, every day, with stress, anxiety, and an overwhelming amount of stimuli. Our bodies, our minds, and our spirits absorb each of our experiences and store all of them in some capacity. With so much tension being held in our space, the commitment to engage in daily practices rooted in compassion, love, tenderness, and gratitude can be pivotal parts...
Ayurvedic Rituals Of Self-Love
Ayurveda believes that your Self chose your body to fulfill your life’s purpose; it is crucial that you honor your life as a gift from the universe. The body you inhabit is an essential part of your journey as it is the carrier for your soul. Which is why it is important to express love towards all aspects of yourself.
Pitta Balancing Herbs to Include in Your Summer Rotation
Add these cooling herbs into your diet this summer to keep Pitta at bay all season long. 
Ask Dr. Sheila: Ayurveda and the Doshas in Relationships
Every month, Dr. Sheila, Chopra’s Chief Medical Officer will be answering questions from our followers. If you have a general question for her around health and wellness, please send us an email to, and your question may be the one she answers next month. This month, Dr. Sheila answers a question about how Ayurveda can provide insights into who...
Reiki-Inspired Practices for Self-Love
Energy is all around us, with the power to completely shift how we feel—including feelings of happiness, joy, sorrow, pain, and even self-love. With origins connected to divine love, the energy practice called Reiki can help inspire a sense of balance that leaves us feeling for peaceful, content, and all around harmonious with ourselves and the world around us.Up ahead,...
How to Implement New and Healthy Routines and Rituals
Try these tips to enhance your daily routines and stick to your goals.
A Holistic Psychiatrist’s Tips for Reducing Burnout and Enhancing Resiliency
How to heal and transform your career into something you can love and successfully manage without losing balance.
Five Reasons to Attend a Chopra Wellness Retreat
We live in a fast-paced world. Take a break and rejuvenate with our mindfulness and wellness retreats in beautiful locations.
Daily Habits and Practices for Mental Health
Our daily habits can largely influence how we feel and how we move through our lives. Our state of mind is a culmination of these daily choices, and we have the power to make small decisions every day to benefit our mental and emotional well-being.Much like we are encouraged to eat well and get regular exercise for our physical health,...
Six Steps to Nurturing a Healthy Mind at Work
Given that most working Americans spend over forty hours in the office each week, it comes as no surprise that prioritizing physical and mental well-being on the job has the potential to significantly increase happiness, engagement, and satisfaction. Caring for your mental health at work is one of the most important things that you can do to enhance your overall...
Embodying Gratitude Through Asana
Coming to my mat has always been a space to surrender, a space where I take time to connect with myself. It was on my mat that I first learned what it felt like to embody gratitude as a way of being rather than an external expression. So frequently gratitude is expressed outward, where we thank those around us or...
Asana Practices to Nurture Your Heart Part 2
In the midst of life happening all around us, sometimes it can feel easy to forget the practices that nurture our hearts. We get caught up in the day-to-day tasks, the demands of all of the happenings in our lives and it seems like the practices for ourselves are the first ones to slip away.The practice of nurturing your heart...
Asana Practices to Nurture Your Heart Part 1
In the midst of life happening all around us, sometimes it can feel easy to forget the practices that nurture our hearts. We get caught up in the day-to-day tasks, the demands of all of the happenings in our lives and it seems like the practices for ourselves are the first ones to slip away.The practice of nurturing your heart...
Ghosted by Someone? Love and Show Up for Yourself.
I have a ghost.No, not the spirit or soul of a deceased person that can appear to the living. My ghost, who was a friend, is very much alive. However, some years ago, they decided to end a personal relationship with me by suddenly – and without explanation – withdrawing from all communication.Ironically, the last words my now-ghost said to...
Practicing Self-love Through Giving
"It’s the most selfish thing I’ve done in my life is give. Because of the joy that I get from it. I love it.” I’m a believer in loving yourself before you can love others. No question there. And certainly, after the past few years and challenging series of events, we could all use some extra TLC. But what if...
The Spiritual Value of Self-Love
Loving yourself is considered a key part of being happy and contented, but getting there is puzzling. Who is the self doing the loving, and how is it different from the self you are supposed to love? Aren’t they the same person?
Honoring Our Inherent Connection with the Environment
We are all intrinsically connected to nature. The more we awaken to this truth, the more powerful we become. The same five elements in nature- fire, water, earth, air and space- are the same five elements found within our bodies; in Ayurveda this is known as the Panchamahabuta theory.The Ayurvedic tradition recognizes that there is a delicate balance between these...
Resilience Is a Mindset and This Is How You Develop It
New York Times bestselling author Jodi Picoult once said, “The human capacity for burden is like bamboo — far more flexible than you'd ever believe at first glance.”The good news: That elasticity can be developed with focus and practice.You and everyone you know experiences challenges in life. When difficulties pop up, you have a choice: wallow and dwell or adapt...
Growth: Tracing Your Spiritual Journey
Everything grows in one way or another. Growth is the development or change we see in the physical universe around us. While growth is happening constantly, spring is when we usually notice it more in nature. The growth that had been resting and dormant during winter, suddenly bursts forth, as if it’s trying to make up for lost time. Some...
6 Steps for Creating Abundance
Bringing meditation of abundance into your life is more than a game of chance—it’s about creating the life you want. Here are the guidelines for creating abundance.
Six Authentic Ways to be of Service to Others and Ourselves
This year, as we honor Martin Luther King, Jr., we face many uncertainties that may keep us from centering ourselves in his message of peace and social transformation. Among these uncertainties, a deadly pandemic that keeps us from our families, jobs, and places of worship, and a political system that has been bent to its very foundation. The good news...
3 New Year’s Resolutions to Encourage Personal Growth
Some of the most common New Year’s resolutions involve starting an exercise routine, trying a new diet, losing weight, or giving up smoking. These resolutions are important, but it’s time to refresh those goals and focus on other objectives that will lead to greater happiness.Here are three resolutions that will encourage you to take better care of yourself, leave bad...
My 'Power' Story, by Jackie Cantwell
Here is the 'power' story of Jackie Cantwell, sound meditation and real-talk on mental health.