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A Better Way to Make Dreams Come True

A Better Way to Make Dreams Come True
Since everyone has dreams, wishes, and hopes, making them come true occupies a lot of our time and efforts. But the path to making a dream come true is very murky, and many people are caught in a state of doubt, frustration, or wishful thinking. Let’s see if a path can be found that has a solid foundation with a high chance of working better than the path society recommends.

The path endorsed by society is based on opportunity. To fulfill a cherished desire, you are supposed to work hard, keep your eyes on the prize, and do whatever it takes to become a success. Fueled by rags to riches fantasies and an obsession with winning, this vision of seizing the right opportunity is the only path to fulfillment that everyone knows. But it is risky, and if you fall short of your goal, there is no alternative route to fulfillment.

The Conscious Path to Fulfillment

There has always been another path to fulfillment that is based on consciousness. It is centuries old, and most people know about it mainly in a religious context, as in the concept of divine providence and the biblical injunction, “Seek and you will find, ask and you will receive.” But these spiritual overtones tend to disguise the heart of the matter, which is consciousness.

The purest description of this path was given by the Vedic seers of India, particularly in the tradition of Yoga. To manifest your desires, the Vedic seers provided a process that is natural, because it operates according to the way that consciousness moves from pure awareness into the physical world. The path is the same whether you are pursuing your heart’s desire or have a simple intention like wanting to raise your arm.

The stages of the path:

1. A faint impulse arises close to the source, which is pure awareness
2. This impulse becomes an intention or desire that registers in the mind
3. Fueled by the motivation to manifest, the desire rises to the surface of the mind
4. Without much effort, the desire comes true by manifesting in the physical world

What we are talking about is the flow of creative intelligence, which has the power to make any intention come true. At each stage consciousness remains creative and intelligent. The only change is that the four stages of manifestation undergo transformation. As the Vedic seers describe it, every intention and desire comes packaged with the means to reach its goal successfully. Desires are designed to manifest automatically.

In everyday life we are used to seeing all kinds of intentions reach their goal, from moving our bodies to solving mental problems to asking for what we want and getting it. So where does the path of creative intelligence break down? Why are some desires frustrated?

Obstacles to Fulfillment

The obstacles to fulfillment are various, but none are mysterious, and all can be overcome.

These obstacles include:

  • Unrealistic fantasies produced by the ego
  • Impressions and memories from the past that condition us to expect defeat and disappointment
  • Mental confusion and doubt
  • Conflicting desires that cancel each other out, such as the desire to compete and the desire to be safe or not to be seen as a loser
  • Core beliefs that make us think “I am not enough”

As you can see, these are obstacles everyone faces, and many people turn away from finding their heart’s desire because of them. Who hasn’t felt inadequate or remembered past failures? Who hasn’t been afraid or taking risks, settling for a dull routine life that has the benefit of being safe?

The net result, when you consider the various obstacles that litter the path to fulfillment, is that life becomes a struggle. As the Vedic seers saw it, this is the real problem, and struggle can be reduced to the obstacles in consciousness that are known as Vrittis in Sanskrit. Terminology doesn’t matter here. The key concept is that by clearing a pathway in consciousness, you can gain the power of creative intelligence that makes dreams come true.

Vrittis are left over from the past, just the way memories, conditioning, and outworn beliefs are a residue of the past. If a desire doesn’t come true automatically, the past has interfered with the present. Through meditation and other contemplative practices, you can bring your awareness back into the present. Meditation isn’t simply to achieve a calm, quiet state of awareness. Once you open your eyes, you have an opportunity to cultivate new habits of awareness supported by that quiet calmness.

Cultivate New Habits of Awareness

The habits you need to cultivate are:

  • Being centered in yourself rather than distracted
  • Making your surroundings as free of stress as possible
  • Being open-minded
  • Accepting what comes to you rather than resisting or pushing back
  • Appreciating who you are
  • Being alert to signals that lead you to your goal
  • Allowing creative intelligence to support you by bringing new possibilities, insights, and openings
  • Not listening to the voice of fear, a powerful but untrustworthy impulse
  • Trusting that the best outcome is going to happen, without expecting any particular outcome
  • Assuming that every challenge has a solution, and that the source of the solution is inside you

Even if you don’t think in terms of achieving a specific wish or desire, these habits are important for raising your consciousness, no matter who you are or where you find yourself. The key point is that the whole operation occurs in consciousness. Creating a clear path from the source to the physical domain is the Vedic secret for powerful manifestation.

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