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Looking to deepen your own practice and knowledge? Ready to take your profession to the next level? A Chopra certification has given thousands of people the skills and techniques needed to help themselves, and others, develop more meaningful well-being practices. Available online, our certification curriculum has been developed over decades by some of the leading well-being and mindfulness experts in the world, including Deepak Chopra.

Once you complete the program, you’ll join the ranks of a global network of educators bound by a common passion for spreading the self-care culture.

  • Hands-on techniques

    Gain wisdom from the world's most acclaimed well-being experts.

  • Connection with others

    Join a like-minded global alumni network that you can tap into for ongoing growth and connection.

  • Prestigious reputation

    As a Chopra alumnus, you’ll be equipped with expertise from one of the most trusted names in well-being.


Even when you think you have your life all mapped out, things happen that shape your destiny in ways you might never have imagined.


Chopra Yoga Certification Program

Led by Sarah Finger, Dr. Deepak Chopra's yoga teacher and co-author of his book, Living in the Light, Chopra Yoga Certification incorporates Ayurveda, meditation, and the 7 Spiritual Laws into a holistic approach to yoga. Gain the skills and knowledge to teach others on their own yoga journey.

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Chopra Life and Health Coaching Program

Distinguish yourself as a best-in-class health and wellness authority and help others thrive. Our program takes an integrative approach to health and well-being by leveraging the latest in evolutionary and positive psychology, life coaching, and the 5,000-year-old wisdom traditions modernized and taught for over 30 years by the world-renowned voice in mind-body science, Dr. Deepak Chopra™.

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Chopra Meditation Certification Program

Experience a deep dive into the Chopra proprietary meditation technique, Primordial Sound Meditation. Through this course, you’ll develop the skills needed to instruct others in the basics of meditation and mantra meditation, and learn how to give them their own personalized mantras.

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Chopra Health Certification Program

Based on the best-selling book Perfect Health, our comprehensive program trains you in Ayurveda - the centuries-old proven health and healing system. Through this program, you’ll learn how to interpret other people’s doshas and develop daily balancing routines that keep them healthy. You’ll master a curriculum of 5 classes that cover the full range of living an Ayurvedic lifestyle.

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  • The program through Chopra was both immersive and expansive. I learned so much not only from the instructors, but also from the other students.

    - Tara
  • ...deepen your practice and get first-class training on how to teach others to meditate. Don't think about it, just sign up and watch an amazing journey unfold.

    - Gita
  • The best decision I’ve made was to enroll in this program. It has been a life changing experience.

    - Jean