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Ritual Care Journal

Ritual Care Journal

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Discover the transformative power of daily reflection with Chopra's Ritual Care Journal, a 30-day journey of inspiration and introspection. This journal includes morning and evening prompts designed to deepen your self-awareness, enrich your daily life, and enhance your mental health.

  • 30 Days of Guided Prompts & Inspiration: Each day, you'll receive tailored prompts that encourage you to explore and nurture your emotional health.
  • Morning & Evening Rituals: Start your day with AM prompts that include mood check-ins, expressions of gratitude, and intention setting to bring focus and positivity. End your day with PM prompts designed for recapitulation to help you unwind and let go, promoting restorative sleep.
  • Self-assessments: Reflect on the shifts in your daily living and witness your personal evolution through self-assessments before and after your 30-day journey. 
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