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Awaken within, journey beyond

Awaken your spirit and embrace the wonders of the world through Chopra’s Explore and Restore program, a well-being voyage in partnership with Swan Hellenic, a world leader in cultural expedition cruising.

Inspired by Deepak Chopra’s teachings on the four soul questions, our new signature wellness experience is an extraordinary journey of self-discovery and cultural immersion.

Come aboard to explore who you are and your unique talents, gain clarity about what you want and what is no longer serving you, and discover a roadmap to align your life with purpose.

You’ll cultivate a deeper connection to the world around you, develop lasting friendships, and return home with unforgettable memories and self-care practices you can integrate into your daily life.

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Find yourself

Ignite your path to purpose and reconnect to your joy through self-exploration workshops rooted in Deepak Chopra'sFour Soul Questions. In these introspective sessions, you'll go within - beyond the noise, the expectations, and the roles you play - to awaken your authentic self and move forward with clarity.

• Gain a deep understanding of who you are and your unique talents.
• Find clarity about what you want, and what is no longer serving you.
• Feel a deeper connection to the world around you.
• Leave with a roadmap to align your life with the future you desire.

Immerse in wellness

Enjoy daily meditation, breathwork, and yoga classes to fuel your personal evolution. From sunrise yoga, connecting you to your body and energizing your day, to breathwork under the stars preparing you for a restful night's sleep, you will be exposed to an array of science-backed Chopra practices to integrate into your daily life long after the retreat is over.

Be inspired by nature

Take expeditions to the most captivating places on earth to inspire and connect you to the natural world. Whether you’re trekking through lush rainforests, kayaking along pristine coastlines, or observing wildlife in their natural habitats, each expedition on your Explore & Restore voyage is your chance to absorb the wisdom of nature and connect with the planet in a unique way.


The Four Soul Questions

Who am I?

Intention: Embrace your authentic self.

Core practices:

Emotional awareness

Releasing labels

Embodying archetypes

What do I want?

Intention: Identify your deepest desires

Core practices:

Fulfillment wheel


Goal setting

What is my purpose?

Intention: Uncover your unique gifts and passions

Core practices:

Reflection and self-inquiry

Purpose statement


What am I grateful for?

Intention: Cultivate gratitude amidst life's ebbs and flows

Core practices:


Present moment awareness


Meet your guides

  • Sarah Finger

    Sarah Platt-Finger is the Director of Chopra Yoga and the co-founder of ISHTA Yoga, LLC. Deepak Chopra has called Sarah “an extraordinary teacher of yoga who has contributed enormously to my well-being.” She received her 500-hour certification in the ISHTA lineage in 2004 and was initiated as a Yoga Master in 2013. Since then, Sarah has made it her life’s purpose to share the authentic teachings of yoga to a greater collective worldwide. She believes that yoga can be used as a microcosm for the reality we create off the mat, and that a deeper awareness of our physical, mental, and emotional patterns can bring us closer to the divine essence of our being. Sarah teaches an embodied and affirming practice that encourages healing, transformation, and self-empowerment.

  • Jennifer Johnson

    Jennifer Johnson is the Senior Director of Mind-Body Programs for Chopra and has worked for years contributing as a core educator, creator, and master trainer of Chopra’s signature spa services. Ayurveda is at the core of everything Jennifer practices, and she loves to teach others how to improve their health, happiness, and healing using its principles. She is passionate about energy medicine and somatic therapies as tools to identify the source of a person’s disease or discomfort, ultimately leading to their unique expression of healing and wholeness. Jennifer has one mission: To help people find their joy. Her goal is to teach others to connect to their bodies and shift their awareness, so they can use the knowledge, find their joy to better their lives, and spread happiness to those around them.


About Swan Hellenic

Swan Hellenic is a leader in cultural expedition cruising with over 70 years of expertise. From the coasts of Africa to the icy wilderness of Antarctica, they sail to the Earth’s least explored corners (and let guests to see what others don’t).

Aboard their 5-star boutique ships (accomodating up to 192 guests only), you’ll enjoy intuitive and truly personal service, luxury all-inclusive accommodations, andstylish, sophisticated design showcasing the vast ocean and unobstructed views of the world around you.

Swan Hellenic has the highest safety standards in the industry and cares deeply about our planet, prioritizing sustainability on all of their travels.

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Sample Schedule

The ultimate wellness retreat meets the adventure of a lifetime.

Sunrise yoga and meditation
Ayurveda-inspired breakfast
Self-discovery workshop: Who am I?
Ayurveda-inspired lunch
Personal time
Self-discovery workshop: What do I want?
Evening meditation and yoga
Ayurveda-inspired dinner
Personal time
Sunrise meditation
Ayurveda-inspired breakfast
Cultural excursion & exploration
Chopra group connection
Ayurveda-inspired dinner
Evening wind-down practice under the stars


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What's included

  • Group transfer from the airport to the hotel the day before embarkation, from the hotel to the cruise port on embarkation day and from the cruise port to the airport on disembarkation day
  • One night pre-cruise accommodation with breakfast in a 4/5-star hotel or onboard (Excluding NY to Halifax route)
  • All meals onboard
  • Onboard accommodation in a stateroom selected category
  • 24-hour room service
  • Coffee, tea, soft drinks and selected alcoholic beverages available 24-hours per day
  • Lecture programms by our experienced guest speakers
  • One selected shore excursion per port of call
  • Standard WiFi
  • Onboard gratuities & port taxes
  • Selected expedition activities led by our expedition team

Plus, the Chopra Explore & Restore Package

  • Daily meditation, breathwork and yoga sessions
  • Interactive self-discovery workshops
  • Ayurveda-inspired meal options
  • Stunning locations with cultural expeditions and curated well-being experiences
  • Chopra community connection
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I’ve never been on a cruise. Is this for me?

If you’re picturing a trip on a mega cruise ship, think again! Our three new ice-class ships – SH Minerva, SH Vega and SH Diana – are a world away from other mass-market vessels. If you’re looking for a once-in-a-lifetime trip that will stay with you forever, a voyage with Swan Hellenic is just what you need.

When you sail with us, your journey is all about your experience. You’ll get to explore magical places with knowledgeable experts, connect with breathtaking scenery and wildlife, and make unforgettable discoveries as you visit special, out-of-the-way destinations. Wherever your Swan Hellenic adventures take you, you can rest easy knowing you’ll be traveling in elegant, intimate surroundings, sharing your trip with under 200 other passengers, and receiving a truly outstanding personal service.

How do you prioritize sustainability on your voyages?

We understand that the environmental impact of cruise ships is a matter of increasing importance, and we are committed to taking significant steps to minimize our footprint.

We want to assure you that one of the major factors in choosing Swan Hellenic as a partner is their commitment to their rigorous sustainability practices. Swan Hellenic goes above and beyond in adopting all the additional voluntary standards of the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA).

Thanks to advanced hydrodynamic design Swan Hellenic ship’s fuel consumption is 20-40% more efficient than the current standard. All Swan Hellenic ships feature Tier III diesel-electric generation with Selective Catalytic Reduction units to reduce harmful emissions. These include a Urea Injection System to reduce nitrogen dioxide emissions where required.

Dynamic positioning systems mean every Swan Hellenic ship can stay in position avoiding dropping anchor in fragile environments and preventing damage to delicate ecosystems.

Also, our ultra-low consumption LED lighting and intelligent climate control systems are used throughout our fleet. Advanced potable water treatment systems purify, mineralize, and carbonate freshly prepared pure drinking water, eliminating the need for bottled water. Water dispensers are provided throughout each ship for our guests’ convenience.

The interior design of every Swan Hellenic ship prioritizes sustainability-certified natural, recycled, and recyclable materials, together with low-solvent textiles and surface coverings. Stateroom toiletries, including shampoo and body wash, are provided in reusable dispenser units made of recycled plastic. All toiletries and soap products provided and used are free of cocamide, EDTA, formaldehyde, parabens, silicone, and colorants.

All cleaning products used are Ecobal certified, fully biodegradable, and made from raw materials of natural origin. Single-use plastics are reduced to an unavoidable bare minimum on board. Swan Hellenic makes every effort, working closely with supply chain partners, to continually reduce this still further. We use paper straws and refillable glass water bottles in our guest staterooms and refillable water carafes in our restaurants.

Complimentary metal water bottles are provided for all guests to use on their expeditions and excursions. Swan Hellenic has a paperless policy and where unavoidable aims to print on recycled or forest-certified paper. This paperless policy is supported by providing comprehensive guest information on our stateroom Smart TV system and Smartphone App. Also, all onboard waste is recycled in accordance with the latest MARPOL regulations.

All our sustainability commitments are constantly aligned with the latest advances, which Swan Hellenic monitors constantly to ensure a steadily reducing environmental footprint. We have an Officer with specific responsibility for environmental matters on every ship in our fleet, both to ensure full compliance with all the above and to actively support continuous improvement.

Additionally, we are collecting Cloud Data for Climate Research. Clouds affect how much sunlight is absorbed by the earth and how much heat escapes back into space. By observing and recording cloud cover timed to NASA satellite flyovers, we can help scientists understand how surface and air temperatures are affected by cloud cover, and how clouds respond to climate change.

Guests on our cultural expedition cruises exploring the Antarctic Peninsula, Svalbard Archipelago, and Greenland are accompanied to the top deck twice a day by their designated expedition guide when the satellite is passing over. They are then guided to use the NASA Globe Observer App to upload Cloud Observations and Atmospheric Measurements during each 10–15-minute session.

We only use WWF-approved sustainable fish and source the food we serve locally whenever possible. Striving to always offer a selection of prime local specialties, wines, beers, and spirits, we aim to take our guests on voyages of gastronomic discovery that reduce food miles and support local economies.

All Swan Hellenic expeditions and excursions by Zodiac follow strict biosecurity protocols that reduce any impact on the environment to a minimum and fully comply with the standards of and our obligations as members of the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO) and the Association of Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators (AECO).

Finally, we are members of the Save the Ocean initiative of the EU Commission and will start seawater sampling in remote areas for research on microplastic and heavy metal pollution in partnership with EU universities. We would like to also note that at Swan Hellenic we don’t use high-energy consumption vehicles, such as helicopters and other toys.

Do I need to book my own flights?

Yes, you need to book your own flights to and from the destination port. Unless otherwise stated within the itinerary details, these airfares aren’t included in the cruise fare. When you book your trip, our reservations staff will be able to advise you on the best routes, timings and hotel options for your travels.

Do I have to pay for the trip in full when I book?

You can hold your booking free of charge for 48 hours. Bookings can be reserved with a 15% deposit, with full payment taken 60 days prior to departure.

What is the food like onboard? Do you cater to all dietary requirements?

We pride ourselves on offering you an extraordinary culinary experience. We combine international trends – sometimes with a local accent – with healthy, energy-packed ingredients, and plenty of protein for the explorer in you. Our menus please the most discerning palates, showcasing healthy, fresh, local ingredients, and serve special dietary requirements.

Breakfast includes a wide range of hot, cold and cooked-to-order items. Expect daily chef 'specials' and eggs cooked to order. As well as plenty of fruit, nuts, sprinkling seeds, and fresh juices, there will be home-made bread, granola and other cereals, salmon and cooked meats and cheeses, yoghurt and porridge/oatmeal.

Lunch might consist of a salad bar and soup, and other starter items, followed by pasta, fish, meat, veggie options, and a variety of hot and cold desserts. There will always be a cheese board, along with coffee and tea. House wines and beer are served with lunch or dinner.

Dinner is served à la carte. Expect nothing but the finest dishes – creative, healthy and with service to match. Enjoy our choice of fine wines, served throughout the meal.

Most dietary requirements, including vegetarian, vegan and diabetic will be catered for, as well as gluten-free options. Please make clear any special requests at the time of booking as we cannot guarantee options will be available once the cruise departs.

Where are meals served?

Your breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in the Swan Restaurant. The Club Lounge offers 24-hour dining, and features lighter dishes and snacks.

Expedition passengers are generally outgoing and friendly, and like to mingle with fellow passengers. In the evening our maître d’ can accommodate any special requests.

Room service is also available as and when you're in the mood for some quiet time.

What are the cabins like?

Your cabin is a cosy home away from home, where sophisticated design and intuitive technology blend with the natural world to create modern 5-star comfort. This is a place to relax, recharge and admire the ever-changing scenery. Each cabin has a welcome bottle of Champagne, snacks, and a well-stocked minibar. There’s also an Illy espresso coffee machine, tea facilities, smart HDTV, free Wi-fi, personal safe, and a pair of Nikon Prostaff 3S 10x42 binoculars to help you watch out for wildlife!

We know how important comfort is when you’re relaxing in your room. So expect superb beds, minimum noise and vibration, and interconnecting suite and balcony rooms for families and groups. Each cabin features individually-controlled air-conditioning, and has fluffy bathrobes and bedroom slippers for each guest, a hairdryer, and a selection of high quality towels. There are also high quality Lajatica toiletries to transform your ensuite into a personal spa, including hand soap, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner and body lotion.

The stylish and contemporary Scandi-design decor is on a par with the best of the world’s boutique hotels. Softwood fittings, earthy tones and textures and thoughtful lighting make the rooms a welcoming retreat. All have wardrobes, a desk, comfy seating areas and our luxurious ensuite bathrooms feature large sinks, glass-enclosed rain showers and plenty of storage space.

Are medical services available onboard?

Yes, all Swan Hellenic ships have a medical room and a ship's doctor on board.

How do we 'land' ashore?

Each Zodiac boat nudges up to a 'beach' or an island. Sometimes the boat’s captain will use the tide to push the boat ashore. Expedition guides and crew will hold the Zodiac stable while passengers slide their legs over the side and wiggle toward the front of the boat before stepping out. This may mean stepping into the water, but there will be someone to help you, and your muck boots will prevent you from getting wet.

Do you have rest days from excursions?

Most guests will want to partake in at least one excursion per day, but if you wish to sit some excursions out there’s plenty to do on the ship. Many of our voyages also have sea days, when we do not land. Visit the library, get to know your fellow guests, attend the photography lab or one of our lectures, watch a film in your room, or enjoy the amazing views!

Are children welcome aboard?

Yes! 8 years and up are welcome on any cruise.