2020 Election

The New Social Media Detox: Unfollowing, Muting, & Showing Up
Social media platforms are not inherently bad, but how you decide to use them determines whether they are toxic or revitalizing. Here are tips to help you adjust your social media preferences so that they become what you need.
Set Intentions—Not Goals—for the Days Ahead
Many people set goals when they’re trying to better themselves. However, it’s often better to set intentions. Learn from the experts at Chopra on how to do this.
Resilience: How to Protect and Prepare Your Spirit
It’s already been a stressful year, and it’s not over yet. That’s why it’s important to be resilient. Learn how to overcome chronic stress and be resilient.
How To Maintain Spiritual Balance and Equanimity
It’s difficult to maintain your spiritual equanimity during these trying times. Chopra has several methods to better balance yourself spiritually no matter what gets throw your way. Read more online today.
5 Ways To Manage Your Anxiety
Anxiety is a difficult to live with. With the help of the experts from Chopra, we have 5 coping mechanisms to better handle anxiety. Learn more on our blog today.
6 Tools for Speaking and Living Your Truth from a Place of Love
What is integrity? Here are 6 tools for speaking and living your truth and identifying the same from other people.
Sleep Resolutions for You and the World
These are stressful times. From COVID-19 to the Presidential election, one thing is for sure: the better you sleep, the better you support your life and the world around you. Here is why you need to get good sleep, especially now.
5 Herramientas para Ayudar a Autorregular su Ansiedad
Las prácticas de autorregulación ayudan al cuerpo-mente a dejar atrás el estrés crónico, la preocupación y los efectos debilitantes de la ansiedad y el pánico.
How To Embrace Uncertainty
In these uneasy times, it’s important to have coping and adapting mechanisms to help embrace and deal with uncertainty. Learn from Chopra today about handling uncertainty and the unknown.
Compassion in Action: How to Be Compassionate to Yourself
2020 has made us face many challenges. But if we align our self & are compassionate to ourselves and others, we can make it through. Learn how to be compassionate today.
How to Nurture Connections Through Compassion
It often feels like things have never been more divisive. That’s why it’s important to nurture connections and focus on being compassionate to those in your life.