A Meditation for Healing Heartbreak
Try this meditative practice to soothe heartbreak and grief. 
The Power of Affirmations for Self-Love
In a time when we crave more healing, affirmations are seemingly everywhere. You might have first read about them in a book or seen them spelled out in a beautiful illustration on social media. Or, maybe you heard your yoga instructor share one at the end of class. No matter how or where you initially came in contact with an...
Mastering the 7 Spiritual Laws of Success
In The Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success, Dr. Deepak Chopra discusses ways to manage surviving in the natural world without desperate striving. Learn more about these laws.
Ayurvedic Rituals Of Self-Love
Ayurveda believes that your Self chose your body to fulfill your life’s purpose; it is crucial that you honor your life as a gift from the universe. The body you inhabit is an essential part of your journey as it is the carrier for your soul. Which is why it is important to express love towards all aspects of yourself.
Ask Dr. Sheila: Ayurveda and the Doshas in Relationships
Every month, Dr. Sheila, Chopra’s Chief Medical Officer will be answering questions from our followers. If you have a general question for her around health and wellness, please send us an email to, and your question may be the one she answers next month. This month, Dr. Sheila answers a question about how Ayurveda can provide insights into who...
6 Tools for Speaking and Living Your Truth from a Place of Love
What is integrity? Here are 6 tools for speaking and living your truth and identifying the same from other people.
5 Steps to Karmic Cleansing
Follow these five steps to learn how to cleanse your karmic debt, get rid of bad karma, and stop wishing bad karma on those who have hurt you.
Rest in The Arms of Love
Who you are is love. Love is the essence of all life. It is both delicate and strong. From the pain of separation, it brings the joy of union, it heals a wounded soul, it dissolves all fear and awakens our sleeping heart.
How Trying New Things Together Can Strengthen Relationships
When you’re fresh into a relationship, everything can feel new and exciting. But, over time, as you share your lives together, you might find yourself in a more stagnant routine with your partner—after all, life is hectic and many of us are just trying to finish everything on our never-ending list of responsibilities. Trying new things together can be a...
New Inspiration for Relationships
After the traumatic experience of the pandemic lockdown, people felt relief at emerging into a more normal life, but during that time relationships had seriously frayed, and domestic violence rose. The result was a questioning about what relationships would look like in the future. Instead of a return to the status quo, there is room for renewing the inspiration that...
The Spiritual Value of Self-Love
Loving yourself is considered a key part of being happy and contented, but getting there is puzzling. Who is the self doing the loving, and how is it different from the self you are supposed to love? Aren’t they the same person?
Building Resilient Relationships
We treasure our intimate relationships for an infinite number of reasons. With our partner, we experience joy, rapture, safety, friendship, and pleasure. We create a safe haven from the outside world in which we can nourish and be nourished.When life is going smoothly for us, it’s easy to cultivate this kind of bond. However, when we’re faced with obstacles that...
Finding Purpose in Grief and Loss
Deepak Chopra has notably said, “There are no accidents … there is only some purpose that we haven’t yet understood.”When things are going relatively well in our lives, this statement feels like a welcome promise – an affirmation that this mysterious path is ours and it is right. We experience moments of coincidence and serendipity as the Universe’s way of...
The Power of Your Inner Child and the Process of Reparenting
Everywhere you look in my area (the southeastern United States), the 90s are back. The sundresses with little flowers on them, chunky white tennis shoes, and even cartoon nostalgia printed on sweatshirts and backpacks. These bucket hats are lighting up a part of me that I had long forgotten. A part of me that I worked so hard to cover...
Add More Zest to Your Relationships
Relationships are a profound source of joy, support, and engagement in most people’s lives. Yet, over time, connections may fall prey to the monotony of familiar routines, busy schedules, and fixed mindsets, thus, losing their ability to bolster happiness. The good news is that with a little attention and intention, any relationship can be reinvigorated! Whether you are looking to...
How to Incorporate Self-Love and Mindfulness in Your Dating Life
“If you love love, look for yourself.” - RumiLike Rumi centuries before us, we love love. However, unlike the Sufi mystic, we don’t always look for it in the right places. There are 270 million active dating app profiles: a digital testament to our collective longing for love and connection. We search, swipe, and wonder when we’ll find the partner...
Warming Up with Secure Attachment: How to Feel the Love in Any Situation
When is the last time you felt that warm, gooey, love feeling? You know the one. It gives you tingles all over, maybe you feel some water in your eyes, or maybe it just feels like your heart is going to explode.For some of us, the holidays are a time when we get to experience this lovey, gooey feeling in...
Pure Love Is the Essence of Life
Discover the pure love that is waiting for you to reveal it with the four stages of pure love: bhakti, bhava samadhi, mahabhava, and prema.
Elevating Self-Affirmation, Dignity, and Equality During Pride Month
Collective waves of action, at every level, rise to cultivate a new way forward, anchored by equity for the LGBTQIA (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning, intersex, and asexual or allied) community. The month of June, Pride Month, serves as a “commemorative month . . . to recognize the impact that lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals have had...
Which Goddess is She? Four Archetypes to Better Your Relationship with Your Mom
While you may jump at the chance to celebrate, spend time with, or pay homage to your mother or motherhood, relationships with moms can be complex. If you are thinking of ways to strengthen or better understand your relationship with your mom (or any mom in your life), consider looking to archetypes of goddesses. Throughout this article, all mentions of...
9 Tips to Release Control and Trust the Universe
Creating a life that is always organized and planned can leave you stressed and depressed. Learn how meditation, love, and awareness can help you trust life and be free.
5 Tips for Improving Your Listening in a Relationship
One of the most important components to a healthy and lasting relationship lies in your ability to communicate within intimate relationships. When communication is lacking or where there’s a breakdown in the lines, your ability to connect with your partner wanes, and you can begin to feel frustrated, anxious, and alone. If this is happening in your current relationship, it...
How to Measure Your Spiritual Growth
The wisdom traditions of the world—while differing in form, custom, and practice—are essentially in agreement that the purpose of human life is spiritual growth and evolution. You are on a journey from ego to spirit. You may be traveling different paths and at different speeds than those around you, but the destination is the same—expanded awareness, a shift in consciousness,...
A Checklist to Learn Self-Compassion
Do you love yourself just as you are? The way that people answer this question reveals a great deal about their upbringing. Well-loved children absorb from their parents a sense of self-worth that lasts a lifetime. Receiving mixed messages as a child is more common. These messages include the following: I love you as long as you love me. I...
How to Communicate Your Emotional Needs in Relationships
Learn what your emotional needs are in a relationship and how to communicate that with your partner from Chopra.