Communicate Consciously with the Doshas
Because the three doshas describe the nature, or Prakriti, of each individual, they help to make your life choices more conscious—this applies very powerfully in making your communication skills better. Many psychologists would affirm that it takes emotional intelligence (EQ) to get a feeling for any situation where two or more people are speaking, yet Ayurveda anticipated this notion by...
Building Resilient Relationships
We treasure our intimate relationships for an infinite number of reasons. With our partner, we experience joy, rapture, safety, friendship, and pleasure. We create a safe haven from the outside world in which we can nourish and be nourished.When life is going smoothly for us, it’s easy to cultivate this kind of bond. However, when we’re faced with obstacles that...
Parenting as a Spiritual Practice
If you want to change the world, become an activist. If your goal is inner peace, become a monk. If you wish to know yourself, become a parent. Raising children uncovers aspects of a parent’s nature that otherwise might remain latent. A cooing baby is likely to reveal unfathomable depths of love while a defiant teenager has the potential to...
How to Be Flexible and Supportive on the Spiritual Path
So often, spiritual journeys feel like solo ones. Whether we’re wrestling with our dark night of the soul or finally feeling the liberation of our loving, awakening heart, these are experiences that belong to our own consciousness, our own awareness. Yet the wisest and most nourishing spiritual practices also encourage us to experience our interconnectedness with others. We are individuals,...
How to Nurture Connections Through Compassion
It often feels like things have never been more divisive. That’s why it’s important to nurture connections and focus on being compassionate to those in your life.
Elevate Your Communication According to Your Dosha
Our dosha expresses itself in how we think, speak, and write. With compassionate attention, we can elevate into inspiring communication that brightens moods and enhances connections.
10 Ways to Deepen Your Connections With Others
You don t have to power through life alone. Open yourself to others and experience the true rewards of connecting with people. Here's how to build connections.