A Meditation for Abundance
Tap into the energy of abundance with this simple meditation and breath practice.
A Meditation for Healing Heartbreak
Try this meditative practice to soothe heartbreak and grief. 
A Meditation for Enhanced Creativity
A simple meditation practice to tap into your creative potential.
A Meditation for Inspiration and Clarity
Try this meditation to clear your mind and welcome fresh energy.
Time for a Body, Mind, and Spirit Cleanse
The change of season, whether you’re moving from winter to spring or summer into autumn, is always a good time to reassess your life and clear out what no longer serves, making way for new exciting opportunities to enter. This can be done on all levels, physical, mental, and spiritual. Physical The physical includes both the inner and outer. Starting...
Harnessing the Power of the Cosmos
Pure Consciousness is the basis of all creation, constantly transforming itself from the non-local field of pure potentiality into the localized conditioned consciousness we call the material world.As Deepak Chopra tells us, spiritual energy, the energy that comes from pure consciousness, is the creative energy of the Universe. This spiritual energy pervades all aspects of life and by aligning ourselves...
7 Ways Meditation Is a Prescription for Mental Health
During the Coronavirus pandemic and an election year, an increasing number of people are having to face anxiety, grief, and depression. As a collective, we have the opportunity to embrace, integrate, and step back; we create new paths to raise awareness and remove stigmas surrounding mental health challenges. You, or someone you know, are likely to be searching for a...
7 maneras en que la Meditación puede ayudar a los Latinos en Tiempos Difíciles
En la comunidad latina, sigue habiendo un poco de tabú y confusión en torno a la meditación, pero no tiene por qué haberla. Aquí, la experta en bienestar y profesora certificada de yoga Kundalini, Karen Mendoza, analiza cómo los latinos pueden beneficiarse, especialmente durante estos tiempos difíciles, con sólo hacer una pausa, respirar y meditar.Aislamiento de amigos y parientes, pérdida...
7 Chakra Meditations to Keep You in Balance
Learn how to balance your chakras with these 7 meditations. Learn more today from the experts from Chopra.
Weather the Storm: 7 Self-Care Tips for Challenging Times
Life can be unpredictable. Despite the best-laid plans and precautions, external events (often completely beyond our control,) can hurl your life into chaos. Family tragedies, job losses, unexpected upheavals, and natural disasters can completely upend the balance, stability, and normalcy of your daily routine.To make matters worse, traumatic events can generate an enormous amount of stress, anxiety, fear, and worry....
Routines and Rituals to Balance Vata
How to round your energy and keep Vata at bay this season.
The Subtle Powers of Prana, Tejas, and Ojas
There are three essences that govern the functions of the sthula sharira and sukshma sharira (gross and subtle bodies) on a finer plane than the three doshas. These subtle essences are known as Prana, Tejas, and Ojas.Prana – Life ForcePrana, or life force, is the subtle essence of the ether and air elements. Prana is the vital principle that keeps...
8 Ways to Nourish Mind, Body, and Spirit During Seasonal Transitions
As we move from the cold blue winter into the warm and sunny summer, it is the time to transform with nature. The spring equinox marks the start of the spring season in the Northern Hemisphere while it is the start of the autumn season in the Southern Hemisphere. Spring: The Kapha Season Spring is a time of transformation. Elements...
How and Why to Use a Neti Pot
Exercise, clean diet, and adequate sleep are a few of the more obvious ways to maintain your health. Your nose is another vital pathway to a healthy body.Nasal passages are the first line of defense against pollution, allergens, and other irritants; it’s important to keep them clean and functioning. A nasal wash, also known as a sinus rinse or irrigation,...
Balancing Strength and Softness: Tapping Into Your Warrior Spirit
How to balance your energy to move through life in a more centered state.  
The Window of Tolerance: Insight Into Nervous System Regulation
It’s normal and beneficial for our nervous system to oscillate between anxiety (the upper/stuck ‘on’ portion of the window) and numbed out (the lower/stuck ‘off’ portion of the window). What becomes problematic is when we get stuck in one portion or the other.
Practices for Releasing Anger
Learn to let go and feel lighter with these clearing practices to clear anger and stuck emotions.
Practices for Renewal this Spring
We begin Spring with the hope of a post-pandemic new normal on the horizon. The path to healing and rejuvenation is through consciously releasing the emotions of a year defined by COVID-19. April is a good time to set intentions for discovery, renewal, connection, and service.Here is a practice to get “unstuck” and move forward for this new phase of...
Ground Yourself with this Guide to Pranayama
In just ten short minutes, we can spread peacefulness and calm in ourselves through our breath.
5 Ways To Manage Your Anxiety
Anxiety is a difficult to live with. With the help of the experts from Chopra, we have 5 coping mechanisms to better handle anxiety. Learn more on our blog today.
How to Find Space to Stay Grounded During the Present Time
Finding space to ground and remaining grounded gives you permission to breathe, as well as make conscious choices during these difficult times.
5 Herramientas para Ayudar a Autorregular su Ansiedad
Las prácticas de autorregulación ayudan al cuerpo-mente a dejar atrás el estrés crónico, la preocupación y los efectos debilitantes de la ansiedad y el pánico.
How Breathwork Benefits the Mind, Body, and Spirit
If you’ve ever been to a yoga class, you’ve heard an instructor remind you to control your breath. In the ancient yogic teachings, the practice of directing the breath is called Pranayama, and it teaches you to breathe consciously, with awareness, and with intent. Within the teachings, there exists many different exercises that can help you tap into your breath...
Breathing for Life: The Mind-Body Healing Benefits of Pranayama
Discover the breath of life with our four deep breathing techniques. Learn how the deep breathing yoga practice of pranayama can heal your mind and body.
Settling Your Mind in the Crisis
The current pandemic of the COVID virus has brought in its wake a different pandemic of anxiety and uncertainty.How do people usually adapt to anxiety besides taking tranquilizers? Psychologically the two most common ways are denial and distraction. Neither is helpful. By ignoring your anxiety or doing something that takes your mind off it, you might find temporary relief. But...
Yogic Practices to Feel Balanced Heading Into Autumn
Vata season is associated with autumn. Just as we see the wind blowing the colored leaves down to earth, the qualities of air and ether become dominant in our constitution. Leading up to the vata season, now is a perfect time to start changing routines and modifying yoga sequences.Days are getting shorter, sometimes we feel a crispness in the air,...
A Yoga Practice for Strength and Resilience
Practice this yoga sequence to tap into your inner strength and power.
Three Yoga Postures to Build Confidence While Pursuing Your Unique Purpose
Following our own dharma takes courage. On the one hand it is deeply fulfilling and meaningful, and on the other hand it challenges us to overcome our limiting beliefs. Self-awareness and growth, again and again, are an essential part of the path. Obstacles appear, and we must figure out new ways to overcome them. Yoga gives us tools to find...
Pranayama for a Full Night’s Rest
Breath techniques to help you calm your mind and support a good night’s sleep.
A Yoga Practice to Activate the Vagus Nerve
How to improve your mental and physical health by activating the Vagus Nerve.
How to Cultivate Deeper Connection through the Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga
Yoga is the practice of merging all the disparate aspects of our being into one, unified essence. In fact, the word yoga in Sanskrit means union. When we experience yoga we experience our true nature, which is unbounded and unchanging. We can understand the true nature of our being through the Seven Spiritual Laws, as disseminated by Deepak Chopra.The Law...
Pranayama for Mental Stillness
Simple breathing exercises to calm the mind and ground into the body.
Steady the Mind and Calm the Nerves with Yogic Breathing
One of the ways to support a healthy mind is to give it a break, and one of the best ways to give the mind a break is to practice breathwork. Breathwork brings your attention toward the breath as a focal point, taking your focus away from stressful thoughts.In yogic terms, breathwork is called pranayama. While breathwork has many benefits...
Breathwork for Balance: How Pranayama Cultivates a Clear, Calm Mind
Breathwork and pranayama are having their moment in the sun right now. The practices of pranayama, which date back at least 5,000 years to the time of the Hindu Vedas and Upanishads, are being used to treat anxiety, depression, cardiac disease, and now COVID brain fog as well. Modern breathwork teachers such as Wim Hof, Dr. Konstantin Buteyko, and others,...
Harnessing Our Power Through Yoga
Growing up in the “City That Never Sleeps”, I had always equated strength with energy. I always assumed the more “life” you brought to a relationship, project, idea or work, was always directly connected to how much drive you possessed. And, in order to get that “drive” or even maintain it one had to work hard; real hard.In New York...
More Than a Stretch: 6 Profound Effects Asanas Have on Your Body and Mind
The study of asana is not about mastering posture. It’s about using posture to understand yourself.- B.K.S. IyengarThe third branch of Raja Yoga, or the Royal Path to Union, is Asana—the classical postures of Hatha Yoga. The word asana means “seat” or “position.” Asana is easily the most popular and well-known aspect of yoga practice, despite it being only 1/8...
10 Yoga Myths Dispelled
Yoga is popular these days. Very popular. According to a recent Yoga Journal survey, over 20 million Americans practice yoga on a regular basis, up from 15.8 million in 2004. Yoga practice has clearly found its stride and is attracting more followers every day. Yet, while many people are reaping the benefits of yoga, there are countless others who are...
5 Common Yoga Alignment Mistakes, and How to Fix Them
If you’ve ever taken a yoga class, you’ve heard your teacher give cues for proper alignment. But how do you know if you’re executing them properly? Sometimes you might think you’re in alignment, but your body is in a slightly different shape—affecting both your physical safety (you’re more likely to be injured) and the energetic effectiveness of the posture itself...
Learn the Ujjayi Breath, an Ancient Yogic Breathing Technique
Relax and energize your mind and body with the yogic breathing called ujjayi. Follow this guide to learn more about ujjayi pranayama.
How and Why to Perform Bhastrika Breath
Energize your body and clear the clouds from your mind with the bellows breath. Learn how and why to perform the bhastrika breath from Chopra.
Why Savasana Is the Hardest Yoga Pose
Savasana (or corpse pose) seems simple, but it requires a fully conscious mind that makes it one of the hardest poses in yoga. Learn to quiet the mind and achieve Savasana.
5 Steps to Building Your Spiritual Practice
The road to the life of your dreams is paved with good intentions. You may want more for yourself, and mean well, but inevitably after a challenge or two crosses your path, you may change course, get distracted, and put off for later the healing and growth that can be done today.A common question that comes to all of us...
5 Practices to Help You Be More Present This Thanksgiving
Are you finding yourself constantly thinking about your to-do list this time of year? Maybe you need to plan a menu, shop for the holiday meal, coordinate travel plans, purchase gifts, and get ready for family visiting from out of town.If you dread the start of the holidays and want to escape, you are not alone. In fact, fleeing from...
6 Ways to Combat Doubt and Uncertainty
You know it all too well: that sinking feeling that you’re not good enough, that you don’t have what it takes to succeed, or that you won’t be able to navigate this next chapter. Even for the most confident people in the world, there are inevitable times when doubt and uncertainty creep in and seem to take over your mind,...