Balancing the Doshas

Meditation and Your Dosha
Use silent meditation to balance the doshas and bring yourself back into a calm and centered state.
Meditation to Create Balance for the Doshas
Familiarizing ourselves with the dominant doshas of the season and acknowledging what feels in (and out) of balance in our own constitution allows us to choose activities, foods, and even meditations that can support us through changes in seasons and in our personal lives.For example, in the spring the dominant dosha is Kapha. Because Kapha is associated with the elements...
Your Doshas and Your Heart
One reason that Ayurveda is holistic is that the doshas permeate everything—every quality in Nature, including human nature. We need to look beyond physical health to apply the doshas to how our emotions work, particularly when it comes to relationships and love.For centuries the heart has been considered a spiritual center, and in the system of Yoga, the heart is...
Understanding Nature’s Role In Ayurvedic Healing
The human body is the product of five elements of nature: Akasha i.e. Space; Vayu i.e Air; Agni i.e Fire; Jal i.e. Water; Prithvi i.e. Earth. In Ayurveda, each body is considered to be a blend of these five elements
A Guide to Vata Season
Stay healthy and balanced during the cooler months with this guide to Vata Season.
Self-Care Guide: Your Doshas and Your World
Because you are unique, adapting to the world is different for you than for someone else. One environment is beneficial to some people but not to others. If you want to practice self-care, this is a critical aspect. Ayurveda has been a self-care system for thousands of years, and understanding how your doshas work remains one of the best ways...
Ask Dr. Sheila: Staying Balanced During the Fall Season
As a physician, one thing I hear often from patients is the question “This has been working fine for me, so why isn’t it now?” They are usually referring to a diet, exercise program, or lifestyle that had been keeping them balanced previously, but doesn’t seem to be anymore. The simple answer, according to Ayurveda, is that nature is constantly...
Routines and Rituals to Balance Vata
How to round your energy and keep Vata at bay this season.
Five Qualities that Help Balance Pitta Dosha
To keep Pitta from being aggravated, a few simple key words should be kept in mind. Healing words for Pitta dosha are Cool, Dry, Bitter, Sweet, Moderate.
Pitta Balancing Herbs to Include in Your Summer Rotation
Add these cooling herbs into your diet this summer to keep Pitta at bay all season long. 
Ask Dr. Sheila: Managing Acid Reflux and GERD with Ayurveda
For the Ask Dr. Sheila column, Dr. Sheila Patel, Chopra’s Chief Medical Officer, answers questions from our community. If you have a general question for Sheila around health and wellness, please send an email to, and your question may be the one she answers next.In this article, Dr. Sheila answers a question about how to manage acid reflux and...
15 Ayurvedic Travel Hacks for Balanced Vacationing
Traveling endows us with the clear, light, mobile qualities of Vata, and can provide insights and open our eyes to a perspective we may have been missing. Vacations inspire us with new beauties of the world, cultures, and nature, and remove us from the redundance of our day-to-day energy bubble and life routine.Whether you are embarking on a romantic getaway,...
How to Keep Pitta Balanced This Summer to Enjoy the Season
A guide to keeping cool all summer long.
Ayurvedic Herbs to Boost Concentration
Enhance your focus and supercharge your workday with these Ayurvedic herbs for concentration.
Practical Tips for Easing Back Into Eating After a Cleanse
It is not only what we do during cleansing that results in a healthier, happier state of the body, but what we do after cleansing that determines the longevity or transience of any changes we undergo. Properly coming off a cleanse is a vital stage for achieving cleansing success. In all stages of a cleanse, patience is key to honoring...
Ayurvedic Herbal Remedies for Springtime
Keep your Kapha at bay this spring with these Ayurvedic herbs.
8 Ways to Nourish Mind, Body, and Spirit During Seasonal Transitions
As we move from the cold blue winter into the warm and sunny summer, it is the time to transform with nature. The spring equinox marks the start of the spring season in the Northern Hemisphere while it is the start of the autumn season in the Southern Hemisphere. Spring: The Kapha Season Spring is a time of transformation. Elements...
7 Ways to Boost Your Energy with Ayurveda
In Ayurveda, creating energy in the body is a function of agni, or our digestive fire. This includes the digestion of food into nourishment, as well as the digestion of our daily life experiences into nourishing thoughts and emotions.
Ask Dr. Sheila: Understanding Vikruti, Your Current State of Health or Imbalance
Our prakruti, or nature, doesn’t change. It’s like our unique fingerprint, or DNA. Our individual proportions of the doshas are what makes us unique. However, since we have all three of the doshas within our constitution, any of them can accumulate and get out of balance, which is our vikruti.
Reducing Toxins During the Peak of Holiday Season
During the winter season and holidays, many of us have the tendency to want to stay inside, snuggle up, share cookies, food, and wine with friends and family. While having small amounts of our favorite holiday treats is an innocent celebration, if we over-indulge for too long, we will inevitably start facing the consequences of imbalance and the increase of...
Make Menopause Marvelous With Ayurveda
There are three major hormonal shifts in the life of a menstruating and life-producing individual: puberty, childbirth, and menopause. While the two former events receive a plethora of societal attention, menopause tends to be proportionally minimized. Individuals coming to the end of monthly cycles are frequently left to navigate their last major physical transformation using the physical, psychological, and spiritual...
Stay Balanced This Fall with Ayurveda
Your personal body is inextricably connected to the environment around you. When you explore the ancient holistic lifestyle medicine of Ayurveda, you remember and rediscover this core teaching and deep truth.We can think of the environment as your extended body. The air outside becomes your breath as the temperature and moisture outside affects the internal body. The prominent qualities that...
The Best Sleep: Ayurveda’s Answer
Unseen by you, thousands of processes take place in your body every minute, and all are timed and balanced by biological clocks. Medicine is far from knowing how these biorhythms stay perfectly in sync, but it is known for certain that the master biorhythm is sleep. Missing even one night’s good sleep affects hormonal balance, digestion, stress response, and mood.It...
Renewal for Summer
A core teaching in Ayurveda is that your personal body is inextricably connected to the environment around you. The environment can also be thought of as your extended body. So, whatever is happening outside in nature is expressing itself through you as well.The qualities of the Five Elements—Space, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth—are expressed everywhere in nature, including the seasons...
10 Rules for an Ayurvedic Diet
The Ayurvedic diet has a set of simple rules to ensure you make the most of your daily meals. Learn how your meals can be your best medicine from Chopra.
How to Balance Your Dosha in Nature
According to Ayurveda, spending time in nature helps heal the body and mind. The ancient Ayurvedic medical texts provide a long list of outdoor sensory experiences that promote well-being and balance the doshas. Here are a few as they relate to each dosha.Balance Vata: The Earth Beneath Your FeetIf you’re feeling ungrounded and your mind is racing—clear signs of excessive...
Vata Balancing Recipes
Enjoy these simple recipes to warm and balance your system.
Pitta Balancing Beverages to Help You Feel Cool and Refreshed
Try these simple and delicious pitta balancing beverages to keep your cool all summer long.
Detoxifying Spring Recipes
Kapha balancing recipes to stay healthy and balanced this spring.
Stay Balanced with these Kombucha Flavors for Each Dosha
On National Booch Day (also known as National Kombucha Day), stay balanced with these kombucha flavors for each dosha. Discover your dosha type here.Creating a healthy body requires a wide variety of foods. Ayurveda gives us many tips for getting the variety we need. Ayurveda describes the Six Tastes of life-sweet, sour, salty, pungent, bitter and astringent-which all support our...
Yogic Practices to Feel Balanced Heading Into Autumn
Vata season is associated with autumn. Just as we see the wind blowing the colored leaves down to earth, the qualities of air and ether become dominant in our constitution. Leading up to the vata season, now is a perfect time to start changing routines and modifying yoga sequences.Days are getting shorter, sometimes we feel a crispness in the air,...
Kapha Balancing Sequence for Optimal Digestion
Practice this yoga sequence to stimulate digestion as we transition into springtime.