Healthy Eating

5 Foods and Herbs for Radiant Skin
Contrary to what the billion-dollar skin care industry would have you believe, the health of your skin actually starts on the inside. And while spa days and facials are a wonderful way to treat yourself, you don't need to be spending hundreds (or thousands) of dollars on your skincare routine.In fact, the health of your skin depends largely on what...
Why Eating More Plants Is Key To Health
We all want to be healthy, but what does true health mean? Oftentimes, people think it’s about their weight, the way they look, counting calories, dieting, and restriction. But true health is really about feeling your best.
Pitta Balancing Beverages to Help You Feel Cool and Refreshed
Try these simple and delicious pitta balancing beverages to keep your cool all summer long.
Foods That Nourish Your Cells Vs. Foods That Drive Cellular Aging
Maintaining the health of your body on a cellular level takes an orchestration of several lifestyle factors – with diet being one of the most impactful. Why? Because every morsel of food you put into your body becomes a part of the framework of your biology.This means that the nutrients you eat eventually become the materials that make up your...
Good Energy Eats: 9 High Vibrational Foods to Add to Your Plate in Winter
If you’re looking for a way to increase your energy and vitality this cold weather season, look no further than high vibrational foods. Everything on Earth has a vibration because it is made up of energy. However, when we say high vibrational foods, we mean “foods that are closest to their natural form and carry the energy of the Earth...
The Health Benefits and Risks of Dark Chocolate
Dark chocolate is often lauded as the healthful darling of desserts. Although it boasts a list of perks, it also has downsides. Learn about the effects of dark chocolate.
Fall for This One-Pan Turmeric Healing Bowl
Turmeric is a staple in balancing the body from an Ayurvedic perspective. It’s a powerful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and detoxifier and balances all three doshas. It’s particularly beneficial for balancing excess Kapha in the body. Many people know that turmeric is good for them but beyond a turmeric latte, it can be initially difficult to integrate turmeric into everyday cooking.Discover your...
10 Foods That Help Boost Your Immunity to Fight COVID-19
Here is a list of 10 immune-boosting foods with antiviral properties helping the immune system’s ability to destroy pathogens In combination with good hygiene.
10 Healthy Habits of Successful People
While there is no magical button you can press to become successful in life, there are certain habits that the most successful people have in common. There have been countless studies done and books written about how to be, do, and have whatever you want in this lifetime; however, without certain habits in place, the canvas for a successful life...