Healing Wisdom

Herbal Healing: Nature’s Pharmacy in Ayurveda
Disease is an obstacle in the way of being able to identify with our true Self. To overcome this obstacle, the sophisticated science of Ayurveda offers many solutions to roga (disease) through Dravyaguṇa karma, the practice of Ayurvedic Pharmacology.Dravya means substance, and every substance on earth can be used medicinally depending on the guṇa, the qualities or attributes of the...
Healing Through Nature with Plants
In Ayurveda, as well as in all traditional healing systems, the ancient healers and seers did not see humans and nature as separate entities. The foundations of healing were rooted in the idea that we are intimately connected to nature, and that nature, including the plant world, can facilitate our healing.Ayurveda describes almost 20,000 plants with medicinal potential and documented...
Reiki-Inspired Practices for Self-Love
Energy is all around us, with the power to completely shift how we feel—including feelings of happiness, joy, sorrow, pain, and even self-love. With origins connected to divine love, the energy practice called Reiki can help inspire a sense of balance that leaves us feeling for peaceful, content, and all around harmonious with ourselves and the world around us.Up ahead,...
The Spiritual Value of Self-Love
Loving yourself is considered a key part of being happy and contented, but getting there is puzzling. Who is the self doing the loving, and how is it different from the self you are supposed to love? Aren’t they the same person?
Fall in Love with Nature
Although much of the time we view ourselves as separate from nature and our surroundings, we are all actually part of the same wholeness. Everything you do affects the nature around you and everything that happens in nature influences you.
My Wellness Journey by Devi Brown, Chopra Global's Chief Impact Officer
From entertainment journalism to primordial sound meditation, Devi Brown’s journey to the wellness community has been one of exploration, learning, and embracing.