Meditation Q&A with Deepak

Meditation Q&A with Deepak
Question: I came across an article that you wrote about meditation in which you said that to to be content in life spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally, you should ask yourself three questions everyday before you meditation and wait for the answer: “Who am I?” “What do I want?” and “What is my dharma or purpose in life?”

What should I hear when I ask these questions?

Deepak Responds: What you should hear is what your higher self answers. There is no correct answer or one thing that you are supposed to hear. It is an ongoing dialogue of self-discovery that unfolds more and more each day. What you should learn about yourself over time is that who you are is less and less defined by your physical characteristics and personal beliefs, and more and more by the unchanging, universal attributes of your higher self.

You will also find as you go deeper and deeper into your nature, that what you want is less about having money and objects and more about becoming abundance, fulfillment, and bliss itself. But don’t try to jump ahead to the ideal; just listen and follow what you really hear. It is more productive to follow that authentic voice of what you are and what you want right now, because that is what unlocks the transformation to deeper wisdom.