A Timeless Treatment for Modern Stress

A Timeless Treatment for Modern Stress

The Shirodhara Will Help You Let Go into Present-Moment Bliss

The shirodhara is one of the most well-known and powerful treatments in Ayurveda, the holistic system of traditional medicine that developed in India over 5,000 years ago. In ancient Sanskrit, shiro means head, and dhara means flow. Hence, shirodhara is a continuous stream of warm oil that is gently poured over the forehead (specifically, the area between the brows known as the “third eye”).

Traditionally, coconut milk, oil, honey, or even water can be used. At the Chopra Center, the healing arts masters select an herb-infused organic oil specific to each guest’s mind-body constitution. This nurturing treatment helps relieve many physical and emotional health issues, such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, fatigue, and stress.

Shirodhara’s Healing Benefits
When our mind is chronically preoccupied and overstimulated, we have difficulty slowing down and handling stress because our thoughts and worries send our body into a state of “fight or flight” that compromises our circulation, increases our heart rate and blood pressure, and creates other long-term health issues. During a shirodhara, as warm oil is streamed over the forehead, the nervous system becomes deeply stilled, as the past impressions, repetitive thought patterns, and emotional toxins we’ve been holding onto slowly melt away. The shirodhara helps us enter a state of quietude and calm that enhances brain function, mood stability, and balance between the physical, emotional, and spiritual planes.

This unique treatment is an integral part of the Perfect Health program because of its subtle, yet powerful therapeutic benefits. Shirodhara pacifies the Vata dosha, calms the central nervous system, and brings oxygenated blood to the brain, ultimately boosting immune function. Its calming effect settles the mind and is the perfect complement to Primordial Sound Meditation, as it allows one to surrender to divine healing and transformation.

Although letting go is often one of the most difficult things to do, no one said it couldn’t be a blissful process! Experience the transcendental journey towards better health, balance, and rejuvenation with a shirodhara given by the Chopra Center’s caring and experienced healing masters.