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Moksha: Ending the Cycle of Emotional Pain

Moksha: Ending the Cycle of Emotional Pain
In the Vedic wisdom tradition, moksha is the liberation of the soul from the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth, or samsara. It is considered to be the end of all suffering. According to Advaita Vedanta, we can attain moksha through the realization that we are, in fact, Brahman – the source of all that is. When we achieve this understanding through direct personal experience, we inherently know, at the deepest level, that what we considered to be our reality is, in reality, an illusion. Our worldly conception of self is replaced with the realization of our true nature. It is through this understanding that we experience liberation.

The purpose of exploring the realm of emotional healing is to end the seemingly endless cycle of perpetual emotional suffering. Many of us have adopted painful limiting beliefs as “our story” of who we are, how we got to be this way, and why we feel justified or compelled to continue certain behaviors. If we stay stuck in our story, we are certain to repeat similar experiences, whether in this lifetime or others that may follow. The bottom line is this: unless we make a conscious choice at some point in our lives to uncover, identify, mobilize, and release the stories and limiting beliefs we have come to hold true of ourselves, we will surely remain trapped in an interminable state of emotional samsara.

Seeking Emotional Healing Tools
On the path of liberation, foundational lifestyle practices such as yoga and meditation are often the catalyst for transformation. Yoga and meditation alone, however, are often not enough to integrate the toxic emotional residue that remains after you have experienced painful or traumatic life circumstances. It is at this juncture that seeking emotional healing tools and techniques to help you along your journey will bring you closer to your desired outcome.

There are many different approaches to doing emotional healing work and it is important that you find a therapist, coach or program that best suits your needs. Whatever path you choose, the deepest, most profound work that lies in wait is to heal yourself from the inside out.