Ayurveda for Spiritual Well-being
Ayurveda is the traditional healing system from India that is literally translated as ‘the science of life.’ Through healthy daily practices and aligning with natural rhythms, one can prevent disease and create health on a daily basis. And although the outcome of Ayurvedic lifestyle and medical treatment is a healthy body and mind, the true aim of Ayurveda is to...
How Eating Intuitively Can Nourish Your Spirit
Eating intuitively can nourish your body, mind, and spirit and also invite renewal. Honoring your inner wisdom is an act of courage. In a world that constantly and consistently tells you that you are not enough, that being you is wrong, and that you just need to buy this cream, or take this supplement, or sign up for this course...
Cómo Comer Intuitivamente Puede Nutrir Tu Espíritu
Comer intuitivamente puede nutrir su cuerpo, mente y espíritu y también invitar a la renovación. Honrar tu sabiduría interior es un acto muy fuerte. En un mundo que te dice constante y consistentemente que no eres suficiente, que ser tú está mal, y que solo necesitas comprar esta crema, o tomar este suplemento, o apuntarte a este curso para que...
A Yoga Practice for Strength and Resilience
Practice this yoga sequence to tap into your inner strength and power.
10 Powerful Meditation Mudras and How to Use Them
Mudras are powerful hand gestures using during meditation and yoga to control the flow of energy in the body. Here are 10 mudras to use in your practice.
More Than a Stretch: 6 Profound Effects Asanas Have on Your Body and Mind
The study of asana is not about mastering posture. It’s about using posture to understand yourself.- B.K.S. IyengarThe third branch of Raja Yoga, or the Royal Path to Union, is Asana—the classical postures of Hatha Yoga. The word asana means “seat” or “position.” Asana is easily the most popular and well-known aspect of yoga practice, despite it being only 1/8...
Chakra Cleansing: How to Clear Your Chakras & Free Your Energy
Clogged chakras can be a source of low energy or emotional distress. Learn how to cleanse your chakras to remove blockages and free your energy.
Find Your Purpose and Grow at the Same Time
Purpose and inner growth come from the same source. Find and live from this source to unite all your goals and aspirations.
Pure Love Is the Essence of Life
Discover the pure love that is waiting for you to reveal it with the four stages of pure love: bhakti, bhava samadhi, mahabhava, and prema.
10 Signs of Spiritual Enlightenment & Awakening
Experiencing a spiritual awakening and overall spiritual enlightenment can be a long process. Here are ten signs you're experiencing spiritual awareness and the meaning behind it all.
9 Mantras Poderosas en Sánscrito y Gurmukhi
¿Alguna vez se te ha metido una canción en la cabeza? ¿Sabes cómo se repite una y otra vez? Si vas a tener algo repitiéndose en tu mente, puede ser algo que has elegido intencionalmente. ¿Y qué tal si dices algo una y otra vez que tenga un mensaje positivo? Repetir los mantras antiguos en voz alta, en silencio en...
9 Powerful Mantras in Sanskrit and Gurmukhi
These mantras from Sanskrit & Gurmukhi will help calm your nervous system and raise your energetic vibration and more. Learn 9 great mantras from Chopra today.
Happiness Song Playlist: 101 Songs To Improve Your Mood And Boost Your Spirits
Music is great at lifting your spirits and boosting your mood. Here is a 101 song playlist of happiness-inducing songs from Chopra!