Using Mindful Awareness to Step Into the Flow State
When we can reimagine what access to inner peace looks like we start to find it through a balance between movement and perceived stillness.
How Learning a New Hobby Can Help You Find Your Flow State
Learning a new hobby is a fun way to try something new and potentially meet new, like-minded people. But the benefits of hobbies expand even further, into the realm of mind-body connection and flow state.
Laughter for the Lymph: How Laughing Benefits the Lymphatic System
They say laughter is the best medicine and while that is certainly true for our mental health — laughing releases endorphins, which can boost the mood! — it’s also wildly true for our physical health. Laughing requires more oxygen intake so, in a way, it’s like its own form of breathwork. It can also even help temporarily relieve pain. But,...
Cómo Vivir el Propósito de tu Vida
Todo el mundo tiene un propósito en la vida, y dentro de ese propósito se encuentra un talento único que espera ser expresado y compartido con el mundo. Si alguna vez has visto a alguien viviendo el propósito de su vida, es inspirador ver que exudan felicidad. Tener la misma experiencia para ti es pura felicidad. Si no has encontrado...
How to Evolve Your Career to Be in Line with Your Purpose
Humans seem to have an innate desire to know why we are here. We search for meaning almost as naturally as we breathe. Sense of purpose at work, specifically, is more important than ever, as burnout is sharply on the rise. In fact, scientists have proven that sense of purpose is a key feature of resiliency. People connected to a...
How Passion Activates Purpose
“Always go with your passions. Never ask yourself if it’s realistic or not. Find the place inside yourself where nothing is impossible” - Deepak ChopraPassion is defined as an intense driving conviction. It’s a powerful feeling of enthusiasm towards someone or something. Passion is the feeling that nothing else exists. It’s loving yourself as if you were a rainbow with...
Shifting from Work-Life to Life-Work Balance
Work-life balance—a phrase that we hear used all the time. It’s something that almost everyone I speak to seems to be struggling with. However, if we’re honest about this, we aren’t struggling with work-life balance because, for many people, the balance is nonexistent. We’re actually struggling with getting life back into the phrase.But what if you reversed the order and...
Happiness Song Playlist: 101 Songs To Improve Your Mood And Boost Your Spirits
Music is great at lifting your spirits and boosting your mood. Here is a 101 song playlist of happiness-inducing songs from Chopra!