Feel the Love

Feel the Love
As the ancient Vedic sages taught, where our attention goes, our energy flows. Whatever we focus on will expand in our experience, so if we want our lives to be filled with love, joy, and abundance, it's important to focus on these qualities as often as possible.

Sometime today, take a few moments to quiet your mind and allow yourself to connect with present moment awareness. Sit comfortably, close your eyes, and simply follow the inflow and outflow of your breath. Notice the thought traffic in your mind, but do not play in it. Whenever you notice that you are not following your breath, gently come back to it. After a few minutes of performing this mindfulness meditation, place your attention in your heart.

Now bring into your awareness those things that are currently disturbing your peace. It may be a relationship, a situation at work, or perhaps some health concern. For a few moments, simply allow yourself to observe those issues that are creating discontent for you.

Now, lay them aside and consider all those things for which you feel grateful. Allow your awareness and your heart to fill with gratitude as you review the people, experiences, and things that bring your comfort, peace, and joy. Notice how the feelings in your body shift as you consciously redirect your attention from grievance to gratitude. Take a few minutes more to observe your breath and then resume your day, noticing how you spontaneously experience more amazement and love when your mind is less turbulent and you allow appreciation into your heart.

If you perceived some benefit, perform this exercise for a few minutes each day, and be open to receive lessons in life as expressions of love. The challenges of the world are undeniable, and few people even dream that they can be overcome. Nevertheless, love can soothe our pain and give us hope for a world in which our common unity prevails over our differences.