Mind-Body Health


Mantra: I nourish the universe and the universe nourishes me.

“Finding the hidden dimensions in yourself is the only way to fulfill your deepest hunger.”
–Deepak Chopra

Modern life is often so fast and hectic that we forget to nourish ourselves. Everyone deserves to thrive, which depends on paying attention to every level of mind and body. There’s a different kind of nourishment for every part of you.

• The body is nourished with healthy food.
• The heart is nourished with joy, compassion, and love.
• The mind is nourished with knowledge.
• The spirit is nourished with equanimity and self-awareness.

To reach a state of true fulfillment, you need to be attentive to each of these, which isn’t difficult. Every day this month, take a few minutes to plan how you will nourish yourself, picking one of these areas. Carry out your plan, and then before you go to sleep, jot down what you did and how it made you feel.

You might read a poem or a sacred text that nourishes your spirit. You could spend a few minutes nourishing your mind by learning a new skill. Your heart would be nourished by being of service to someone who is sick or in need. Once you start, this mind-body approach brings the mind-body system into a state of balance that allows you to expand your awareness and thrive.

Nourished by “Light”

This month’s mantra is about nourishing the universe as it nourishes you. This is actually a very practical idea. Everything in the universe, every atom and molecule in distant galaxies as well as in your body, is made of photons, the subatomic particle of light, from the Big Bang. The primal universe later turned into the matter and energy we see all around us, but light is still deeply part of our nature – think of how sunlight created the possibility of life on Earth.

You can transform your life by reconnecting with light in all its forms. Make it your personal theme. Since it’s the opposite of heavy, lightness is all about being buoyant, bright, fresh, and joyful. The more you bring light into your life, the easier it will be to lose weight and bring yourself into perfect balance. Why? Because “light” covers so many positive experiences.

• Favor lighter foods, the fresher and more natural the better.
• Drink lighter beverages – for example, try flavored spring water instead of soda.
• Do one thing every day that makes you feel light-hearted.
• Be gentler with yourself and others, using a lighter hand.
• Wear lighter colors and lighter fabrics.
• When you feel happy, let your light shine so others can see it.
• Be in the light by associating with people who inspire you.
• Read inspiring poetry and spiritual literature, gaining nourish­ment at the soul level.

Once you get it – that light nourishes at every level – this is a won­derful theme to play with. If you devoted your month to bringing more light into our life, amazing changes would occur.

(For more about leading a life filled with light, see Deepak’s latest book, What Are You Hungry For?)