How to Create a Full Moon Altar

How to Create a Full Moon Altar
The night of the full moon holds great significance in Vedic teachings. Whatever good intention is initiated as the moon grows into its fullness will be auspicious and provide beneficial results.

There is a powerful technique you can do each month on the night or day leading up to when the moon reaches its fullest point that enhances positive change and ensures your days will be filled with grace and ease. The technique, called the Full Moon Altar, is based on the principles of Vastu, the Vedic science of building in harmony with nature.

An altar created in the tradition of Vastu balances the five elements within the environment and the physical body. Altars bring beauty into your surroundings. Once created, they have power to call forth change and the support you’ve longed for. You can create altars alone or with a larger group to connect more deeply with the potent energies available at the time of the full moon.

How to Create Your Full Moon Altar

Prepare the area of your altar outside, weather permitting. If you’re creating an inside altar, it can be created on a table, windowsill, or even your kitchen counter. Follow these tips for inside or outside altars:

  • The colors gold and green should be represented in some of the items you place on the altar.
  • The water element in the northeast can be a bowl of water and/or a vase of fresh cut flowers in colors that correspond to the altar. You can also use silk flowers. Your bowl or vase can be clear or lightly colored. If using fresh flowers, make sure you keep them alive and as beautiful as you wish your dreams to become.
  • Use a green or gold candle in the southeast to represent the fire element.
  • Incense can also be used in this area.Use stones or crystals in the southwest in green or golden colors to represent the earth element. You may also use a small statue or symbol that represents abundance to you. In the Vedic tradition, Lakshmi is the goddess of abundance. You may also use a potted, blooming plant to represent this element.
  • For the air element in the northwest, use a standing wind chime, a fan, or feather. Incense can also be used in this area.
  • Place a dish or plate that is gold-colored metal, a gold or green colored glass dish, or a small clear glass plate at the center of your altar to represent your offering tray and the space element.
  • You can add items to your offering tray that represent abundance to you such as paper money, coins, gems, or pieces of jewelry. On a small, unlined piece of paper describe in three words the feelings you would like to experience. Words like peace, healing, love, abundance, success, or grace have greater power in this circumstance than a laundry list of what you believe is wrong and needs attending. Your offering tray is the place to connect to and offer your dreams and deepest longings to All That Is.
  • Include a personal symbol that you place in the center of your altar in back of the offering. This can be a statue, photograph, collage, or picture that inspires feelings of abundance, joy, fulfillment, and/or happiness.

The Full Moon Altar is created and the activation ceremony offered below should be done during the day or evening leading up to when the moon is at its fullest. You can go online to find the exact time. The altar can either be disassembled a day or two after the full moon or it can be kept up throughout the month. If you decide to keep your altar up throughout the month, perform this ceremony anew before each full moon.

Activation Ceremony for Your Full Moon Altar

Follow these steps (in order) to activate your Full Moon Altar.

  1. Stand or kneel in front of your altar.
  2. Light the candle or incense if you have them on your altar.
  3. If you included bells or chimes on your altar, ring them to purify the energy in the environment. The sound brings focused awareness to the present moment.
  4. In your right hand, hold the unlined piece of paper written that contains your three words and take 10 to 12 long, slow, deep breaths in and out through the nose.
  5. Experience the feeling of having what you desire, not any specifics, but feelings like happiness, peace, and love.
  6. Place the paper in the offering tray.
  7. Using your right hand, extend your pinky finger and your index finger, folding in the other two fingers against your palm, placing your thumb over the top of these two fingers to hold them in place. This is a Vedic hand position called a mudra. This specific mudra moves energy towards your intention.
  8. With your hand in this mudra, facing the altar, move your arm forward and back nine times.
  9. Each time you extend your arm toward your altar, say the moon mantra with passion and intensity:
Mantra: Om Chandraye Namaha

Phonetic Pronunciation: Om Chon-dra-yay Na-ma-ha

Once you have completed this process, your altar is ignited. Take time each day to acknowledge and admire your altar because this helps stimulate it and keeps it activated.