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The Neuroscience of Mindfulness Meditation
Devotees of mindfulness meditation—often described as non-judgemental attention to present moment experiences—will be well-versed in the many benefits of their practice. Benefits include the following: More focused attention Relaxation Positive shifts in mood Enhanced self-awareness Improved health and well-being The Positive Health Benefits of Mindfulness MeditationThe strongest scientific evidence to date that meditation has positive health benefits comes from two...
7 Reasons to Spend Mindful Time in Nature
Humans are designed to be outdoors. Your brain is wired to respond to the smells, sights, and sensations you receive outside. When you spend daily time outside it makes you healthier and happier. Paying attention to your environment in a focused and mindful way while you are spending time on the beach or in the woods feels great. Here are...
Looking at Abundance Through the Lens of Ayurveda
Ayurveda looks at a human being from the lens of abundance. In Ayurveda, perfect health is not simply an absence of disease but rather an abundance of vitality.Swastha Vritti means perfect health. It is the state in which the body, mind, soul, and senses are in a blissful equilibrium.In the era of video meetings and endless hours of screen time,...
On Agni and Āma: The Sacred Fire of Digestion and Metabolic Impurities
The cornerstone of health in Ayurveda comes back to the simple concept of agni, our digestive fire. Balanced agni is the key to proper digestion and sustained energy.
7 Ways to Boost Your Energy with Ayurveda
In Ayurveda, creating energy in the body is a function of agni, or our digestive fire. This includes the digestion of food into nourishment, as well as the digestion of our daily life experiences into nourishing thoughts and emotions.
Create Sustainable Energy: Exercise Tips for Vata
Looking for the best way to exercise as a Vata? Let the experts at Chopra help with our Vata guide online today.
Balancing Strength and Softness: Tapping Into Your Warrior Spirit
How to balance your energy to move through life in a more centered state.  
5 Simple Ways to Add Play to Your Day and Spark Creativity
Blank computer screen in front of me, a canvas waiting for the whoosh of ideas in my brain to come together and flow into my fingers, forming words that I tap-tap-tap on the keyboard. Something from nothing. Project complete.As a writer this is my creative process. On my best days, the ideas are many, and come freely. I type away,...
5 Benefits of Moving Your Body Every Day
Learn more about the everyday benefits of movement from Chopra with everything from better mood to an improved sex life.
4 Common Sources of Fatigue—and How to Re-energize
Fatigue is a lack of energy, motivation, and/or concentration. The all-too-worn-out phrase, “it takes energy to make energy,” gets at the crux of the “chicken or egg” problem. How can such a nebulous word hold so much power over you? You would think that just as a day only has 24 hours, you too only have so much energy at...
5 Mind-Body Practices to Boost Your Energy
The mid-afternoon slump hits when your energy supply is exhausted and your tank is on empty. The activity of the day has begun to wane, along with your enthusiasm, vitality, and drive. The quick and easy fix for this decline in energy often comes in the form of a snack loaded with sugar or caffeine. A candy bar or espresso...
7 Foods to Help You Focus
Nutrition plays a large role in your overall energy as well as the ability to focus and think with a clear mind. How much more could you accomplish in a day if your mind was consistently sharp and could tackle anything that was thrown at you?With the following seven foods, you can improve your mental focus, energy, and cognitive function...
3 Smoothie Recipes to Spark Energy
Over the past few years, smoothies have evolved to become a popular way to consume highly beneficial nutrients through the blending of real food ingredients. The ease of creating a nutrient-packed beverage that can be taken on-the-go is quite appealing, especially in a fast-paced world. This trend has influenced the creation of some pretty unique smoothie recipes, making some people...
A Yoga Practice to Boost Your Energy
Try this yoga practice next time you’re in need of a little boost.
A Yoga Practice for Joy
Practice this sequence when you need to boost your mood and lift your spirits.
7 Prácticas Fáciles Para Refrescarte y Reiniciarte en el Trabajo
De todos los entornos que exploramos semanalmente, quizás nos presentemos en nuestros espacios de trabajo con mayor frecuencia. Esa podría ser una oficina en el hogar, ya que el cambio a espacios de trabajo virtuales ha sido abundante en los últimos años, o podría estar volviendo a una oficina o un entorno en persona. Cualquiera que sea el aspecto de...
7 Quick Practices to Refresh and Reset at Work
Out of all the environments we explore on a weekly basis, we show up to our workspaces perhaps most frequently. That might be a home office as the shift to virtual workspaces has been abundant in the past few years, or you might be transitioning back to an office or in-person setting. Whatever your workspace looks like, often when you...
A Yoga Practice to Clear Your Mind and Boost Your Energy
Try this yoga practice to invigorate and inspire your mind and body
Chakra Cleansing: How to Clear Your Chakras & Free Your Energy
Clogged chakras can be a source of low energy or emotional distress. Learn how to cleanse your chakras to remove blockages and free your energy.
8 Yoga Poses for an on-the-Go Energy Boost
Let’s face it—life is busy, and unless you take the time to consciously make room for the things that are important to you, it’s quite easy to get swept away in the everyday hamster wheel of your daily routine. It can be hard to recognize that the constant “Go! Go! Go!” is often the very thing that perpetuates feeling overwhelmed,...
7 Energizing Chair Yoga Poses to Beat the Mid-day Slump
It’s 3:30 in the afternoon, you’ve had a busy day, and your energy reserves are running low. The mid-afternoon slump ambushes you and suddenly you’re in a battle with your eyelids to stay awake. Does this sound familiar? If so, what can you do to recharge your batteries to make it through the remainder of the day?Chair yoga to the...
Yoga Is Better Than Caffeine: 5 Yoga Exercises for Energy
Caffeine might be your favorite way to start the day, but too much can lead to sleepless nights, anxiety, anger, and a case of the jitters. One of my mantras is “no coffee no prana!” However, I have to limit my intake of caffeine because my dominant dosha is Vata. Through yoga and meditation, I’ve become more aware of my...
What Scheduling Weekly Coffees Taught Me About Abundance
Abundance is a word I’ve always admired. Beautiful but distant to me. You see, I believed there is enough but haven’t always acted that way. And this is particularly true when it comes to time.
How to Evolve Your Career to Be in Line with Your Purpose
Humans seem to have an innate desire to know why we are here. We search for meaning almost as naturally as we breathe. Sense of purpose at work, specifically, is more important than ever, as burnout is sharply on the rise. In fact, scientists have proven that sense of purpose is a key feature of resiliency. People connected to a...
First Steps to Creating a Life of Purpose
Pursuing your purpose doesn’t have to be intimidating. Begin with a few simple steps to point your life in the right direction.
DIY Wind Chimes
We could all benefit from a little more peace in our lives. And, one way to invite more calming energy into your home is through sound, particularly the relaxing sound of wind chimes. Much like attending a sound bath, listening to wind chimes can have a soothing effect on the mind, helping to lower stress levels and feelings of anxiety...
How Nature Can Help You to Evolve
One of the major trends in society today is that millions of people are choosing to improve their inner lives through meditation, Yoga, contemplative practices, and more positive lifestyle choices that reduce stress and chronic illness. This individual effort feels personal, of course, but all evolution happens in the surroundings of Nature. Evolution is a natural force. We see it...