Hello, I’m
Daniel Sannito (they/them)

Yoga & Meditation Guide, Writer, Gender Equity Educator
Daniel (they/them) moves through this world as a trans, non-binary educator, writer, and facilitator of yoga asana and meditation. They are a founding collaborator of the Trans Yoga Project, a group of trans facilitators and practitioners committed to creating equitable and affirming spaces for trans and queer communities.

Daniel shares offerings inspired by over ten years of personal practice and study in various traditions, including Hatha, Yin, Yoga Nidra, Meditation, and more. They dedicate their voice to creating affirming space for all humans to explore and discover connection with their own hearts in the ways that serve them best. The space Daniel holds is focused on honoring the experience of all beings, showing up exactly as they are, and allowing these teachings to meet each person where they are, so they can be woven into every aspect of their life.

Alongside their yoga asana and meditation classes, Daniel leads workshops and trainings that support facilitators in creating affirming space for communities that are, too often, pushed to the margins. They also create offerings that dive into the heart of ancient yogic philosophy, giving practitioners the space to connect to the wisdom of these teachings, and the wisdom of themselves, in a profound way. Their firm belief is that the practices we engage with both individually and in community are practices of liberation at their core.

Stay connected with Daniel on Instagram: @danielsannito_ or visit their website at danielsannito.com to learn more about them and their offerings.