Accessing the Infinite Power of Inner Connection

Accessing the Infinite Power of Inner Connection

As we embark upon our personal journey inward we’re often met with the concept of connecting to our inner voice. We all have a unique way of connecting with and expressing our voice and no matter how we get there, we feel it once we arrive. This voice is a calling that transcends what words are capable of, it speaks in the language of our heart.

Many of our senses contain multitudes and go beyond what we might use them for upon first glance. We can ‘see’ or visualize things that are not visible to the eye, when we listen deeply we hear in a way that reaches beyond what our ears can do; we’re able to communicate in ways that don’t rely on words, and we experience sensation without the need for physical touch. This past year we were challenged to tune into these deeper senses in an apparent way. Without the option for sharing physical space, there was a worldwide call for connection that transcended what we had become accustomed to.

We had been hyper-focused on output, external production, and finding validation in all that surrounds us for so long. Something really beautiful emerged from this yearning to find new ways of being. In this forced pause, we were offered the opportunity to take a step back and, maybe for the first time, connect inward. This experience of searching for deeper connection illuminated the veil that has been cloaking our society and forcing an imbalance. We saw a willingness to shift from the way things had always been in order to create something new. We found the ability to let go of what we were clinging to in order to see, feel, and move beyond it.

The call from our hearts for nurturing, for restful awareness, and to tap into our intuition and creativity comes from energies often associated with the Divine Feminine. This powerful and potent source of energy exists beyond form; people of all genders and everything vibrating with life surrounding us is home to this energy. The Divine Feminine is the energy of connection, creation, intuition, nurturing, and love. It is fierce in nature, powerful, graceful, and visionary.

Connection to the Divine Feminine invites in a lush and vibrant experience of this life and this is what we all started to feel with the collective exhale of humanity.

This practice of self-inquiry reaches all of humanity and the energetic shift becomes tangible. It’s a collective sigh giving us permission to exist as human beings rather than human doings.

Finding Language That Resonates Within You

There is a division in the way we experience energy born from clinging to the gender binary. The belief that there are only two genders, man and woman, is exceedingly apparent in the Western world. Because of this belief in the fictitious binary, there is confusion that men embody masculine energy and women embody feminine energy. When we resist and explore outside of this binary we are shamed, vilified, and forced into conformity. That binary ideology erases the existence of multiple communities and eliminates the possibility for any of us to connect to our whole selves. In our practice of liberation from binary truths, we understand the falsehood of this message. None of us can live as the fullest expression of ourselves if we are selectively denying the presence of certain energies.

Often in relation to inner connection, the goddess archetype is woven into our exploration. This archetype is referred to in meditation, yoga, and self-inquiry practices. When these practices entered my life, I remember never quite resonating with this language because it felt like something outside of myself. As if I was tuning in only to be pulled back out. In my exploration, I’ve learned that when it comes to internal connection, the language we use is deeply important. It informs the depth of connection we are able to access. It will look different for all of us because our heart’s calling is unique to us and our experience. Our language is inherently limited and therefore descriptors can be limiting. The more I understand what the goddess archetype embodies - wisdom, grace, power, guidance, devotion - the more deeply I am able to find connection.

Goddess archetypes and feminine energy are mistaken as being exclusively soft, compassionate, nurturing, and cooling. While all of this is true, like most things in this world, this energy contains multitudes. There are embodiments across various cultures that express the energy of power, protection, ferocity, courage, and strength. We embody all of these qualities - some quietly rest until we are ready to call upon them, and some live at the forefront of our expression. The language we use to make the connection will vary slightly from person to person, our journeys in this life all look different, and the ultimate goal is accessing our truth. No matter how we make our way there, the language we use, or the practices we explore, we land in the same place–in connection to our inner voice.

Coming Back To Your Truth

The journey inward is deeply personal and it is important to find what resonates for you so that you have access and freedom to explore. What we experienced when our lives were put on hold was the beginning of truly listening, the type of listening that doesn’t require our ears or outside sound. We took a step towards a listening that only requires an openness to connecting with our hearts. The ability to nurture and care for ourselves and the people around us became accessible. Afternoon walks between zoom meetings, backyard DIY projects, and the inevitable pets climbing on our keyboards mid-presentation became the norm. We released the rigidity of performance and perfection and settled into our humanity.

This past year highlighted a flawed system that has been driven by masculine energy out of balance. A system that has been broken for a long time, yet was operating exactly as it was designed to; a system keeping us stuck and confined. With this new awakening it became clear that this way of living was not and is not sustainable. There is opportunity for something new to be created, something expansive beyond what we’ve been taught to believe. Whether we knew it or not, the ability to nurture, to care, and to hold new space was our connection to the Divine Feminine and all of the energy this archetype embodies. The question becomes, how can we maintain this connection as we begin to move back into the world? How can we remain aligned with our humanity in a world that tries to calcify us?

We now understand how to access the energies that transcend words and move into that space of sensation, beyond touch. We are speaking the language of our hearts and ultimately our truth. Not all languages need words to be understood. As the year of turning inward starts to fade and we re-engage with the world and the people around us, there is a new vibration in the air. Pulsating all around us is the remembrance of the internal connection we all felt when we, for the first time in a long time, were able to be instead of do.

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