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DIY Wind Chimes

DIY Wind Chimes
We could all benefit from a little more peace in our lives. And, one way to invite more calming energy into your home is through sound, particularly the relaxing sound of wind chimes. Much like attending a sound bath, listening to wind chimes can have a soothing effect on the mind, helping to lower stress levels and feelings of anxiety as well as improve mood. On top of inviting peace and relaxation into your space, wind chimes are also believed to attract positive energy and ward off back luck.

Whether you’re in need of some rejuvenation and looking to add to the peacefulness of your outdoor space, or you wish to attract more positive energy into your home, wind chimes are a great way to do so. And, while you can easily purchase a set of chimes online, making your own wind chimes is easy and a fun DIY project for the season.

DIY Wind Chimes

Here’s how to make your own set of wind chimes.



Step One: First, lay out the hoops in the order you like. For our example, we chose three hoops as our base and went with the smallest to largest hoops from top to bottom. You could also go largest to smallest, or alternate small and large using four hoops. We also decided to double up on the hoops, fitting smaller hoops inside each gold hoop. You can play around with this, too, either adding double hoops to each hoop or alternating (or keeping the singular hoops).
gold wind chime parts lay on carpet
Step Two: Once you have your hoop design mapped out, reach for the bells and place those where you like them. You can add them to the center of each hoop like we did, or alternate.

wind chime parts lay on a blue surface
Step Three: Now that you have an idea of how you want your wind chimes to look, it’s time to connect everything together. Reach for a large jump ring and use your needle nose pliers to open it up so the first hoops(s) and bell can fit. Once the hoops(s) and bell are hooked onto the jump ring, close the ring by pinching it together with the pliers.
gold wind chime parts lay on a blue surface
Step Four: Reach for another jump ring and hook it over the first jump ring. Then, grab a small hoop and add it to the jump ring before securing it closed with the pliers. This small ring will be what you use to hang your wind chimes from a hook or tree branch.
Gold hoops and gold bell held together by a smaller ring
Step Five: Now, it’s time to attach the rest of the hoops. For the second hoop, open up a large jump ring and hook it around the bottom of the first gold hoop that you just worked on. Then, add the second hoop (or hoops if doubled up) and bell. Secure it shut with the pliers. Repeat this step for any remaining rows of hoops.
wind chime in progress lay on top of a blue surface

Step Six: When all your hoops are attached together, it’s time to create some tassels. You can leave your wind chimes as is, but the tassels give the design more of a bohemian feel, and add more sound with additional bells. For our example, we used macrame rope, but you could also cut strips of fabric for a pop of color (see photo for example). For this step, start by cutting the rope or fabric strips into varying lengths and secure each piece to the hoop. To do this, fold the rope or fabric in half and place the loop under the hoop. The, fold that loop over the hoop and pull the tails into the center. Secure it tight and Voilà!

gold bells weaved through tassels
Step Seven: When your preferred number of tassels are attached, you can either leave them as is, or attach additional bells and thread wooden beads to them for added decor. For our example, we attached bells and beads and frayed some of the tassels for added texture.

wind chime parts lay on a blue surface
Once your tassels are attached and decorated, your wind chimes are complete. You can hang them from a tree brand or from a hook outdoors, or nail it to the wall for a wall hanging decor.
gold wind chime hangs outside on a tree

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