Hello, I’m
Brooke Diaz

Writer and owner, Camp Vitamin C™
Brooke is a mother, mentor, coach, and writer. Over the years, she has written advertising and editorial copy for some of the country’s biggest fashion, home, and beauty brands. Throughout her career, she turned to exercise to balance the demands of her work.

When Brooke incorporated meditation into her workout routines, it took them to another level. She loved what she discovered and now shares that love through her business, Camp Vitamin C™, where she teaches Movement, Strength & Meditation to children ages 5-12.

Brooke is a Certified Meditation Instructor and Brand X Method™ Youth Coach. When she’s not writing or coaching, she trains for Triathlons and Half Marathons, and spends time cheering on her two active, creative children in all their many loves.

To see what Brooke is up to, visit http://campvitaminc.com/ or @campvitaminc on Instagram or Facebook.