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How Shifting Your Energy Can Transform Your Life

How Shifting Your Energy Can Transform Your Life
If you were ever inspired by The Secret or stumbled upon an Abraham Hicks video, you know that your thoughts create your reality. What you think, leads to your feelings, habits, and reality. You may also realize that reframing your thoughts, and simply thinking positive is incredibly challenging. It is also an ineffective way of manifesting when done by itself. True reconditioning comes from shifting your energy.

What Is Energy Healing?

The human body is a complete energy system, and any imbalance in the body would create an obstruction in the flow of energy, which can result in illness or negative thoughts and feelings. Energy healing is a method to ensure that the energy flow within your body moves unobstructed. Energy healing modalities also take you to the root of your thought pattern, help you safely and gently release it, and imprint positivity. This process creates healing on the physical and spiritual layers as well as the mental and emotional ones.

Here are five reasons why the key to changing your thoughts is shifting your energy field.

1. The Building Block for Your Thoughts Is Energy

Every notion and belief that you’ve ever held onto is stored as energy in your chakras. Everything that you have experienced, whether you processed it or not, is recorded in the auric field.

By balancing the chakras, releasing stagnant energy, and integrating life-force back into the subtle body, you give yourself new information to base new perspectives with. While repeating affirmations is a part of that new conditioning, energy healing modalities such as Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy, or Psych-K can support manifestation by connecting to your chakras, subconscious, and cellular memory.

2. Thinking Positively About Someone Won’t Heal the Karmic Tie

People can unconsciously create energetic cords of attachment that drain your energy. As long as the cord is attached to you, you aren’t fully in your power.

If you can’t stop thinking about someone, feeling depleted, or simply feeling easily triggered in the presence of someone, consider practicing a cord-cutting meditation for at least 21 days. Cord-cutting is a practice in which you call back all of your power through time and space, and release any energy that isn’t yours.

Once you try it, notice if your energy field strengthens. Observe how the people who once triggered you cannot penetrate your peace. While reframing your perspective about this person can help you develop emotional intelligence, energy healing compliments this transformation by tending to the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

3. Energy Healing Takes the Pressure Off of You and Calls in a Higher Power

Energy healing is based on the idea that there is Divinity within you that brings everyone together. Divinity supports you in your path and guides you to exactly what you need.

In crystal healing, you call in the energy of Mother Earth. In Reiki, you call upon your guides, teachers, and ancestors. Let go of the need to rely on your own strength. Take the pressure off of yourself to manifest your dreams and desires and tap into a higher power.

4. Energy Healing Takes You to the Root of the Issue

Perhaps you’re trying to feel more supported by your loved ones, but you’re ruminating beliefs such as “I’m not lovable” or “I’m not worthy of their time and money.” Some reflection can surface whether the idea stemmed from an experience such as the time your loved ones accidentally lost you at the mall or the time they chose their job over your soccer game.

Energy healing transports you to the time when you first picked up on a limiting idea and uncovers societal and cultural programming, ancestral trauma, or past life trauma. From there, you acknowledge how that mindset no longer fits your needs. Awareness of the experiences and memories that snowballed your limiting ideas is essential to transforming your thoughts. If you’re working through challenging thoughts, energy healing techniques such as hypnosis or Reiki can reveal the true source of suffering. While affirmations and journaling exercises help you to witness your shadow and reprogram the conscious mind, they can be coupled with energy healing modalities to connect you with deeper layers of your consciousness.

5. Elevated Frequencies Keep You Aligned

When you are operating on a lower frequency due to old perspectives or disturbing experiences, it’s difficult for you to think positively, release the past, and feel empowered. You then manifest more people and situations from that lower frequency.

Through energy healing modalities, you can break the energetic patterns that have been holding you back. Energy healers repair tears, seal leaks in the aura, and fill the aura with life-force. As your frequency is raised, reaching for more positive thoughts and belief systems becomes easier. You can become centered in your own energy field, rather than other people, places, and events. With that, you feel more creative, inspired, and aware.

If you’ve been battling self-sabotaging thoughts, you may have started an affirmation journal, talk therapy, or simply committed to thinking positive thoughts. While these are incredibly commendable efforts that do work, consider supplementing your practice with an energy healing modality such as Reiki, Chakra Balancing, hypnosis, or Psych-K. Take the pressure off of yourself to cure your thought patterns and welcome in support.

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