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How to Prioritize Spirituality in the Workplace

How to Prioritize Spirituality in the Workplace
In my life coach practice, I work with a lot of professionals who want to use meditation as a tool to reduce stress and cope with the daily demands of the corporate life. One of the major challenges in doing this is the inability to prioritize well-being and find balance in a stressful environment.

As my clients move through their sessions with me, they’re able to recognize themselves as spiritual beings that have spiritual needs. As soon as they go back to their workplace, the pressure of their jobs drains their energy. Once again, they fall into the trap of putting work before their own needs.

The trick is to make spirituality a part of daily life, not just something you do or think about when the setting is right. This will help you to nurture yourself even in an environment that doesn’t cater to your spiritual needs. Establishing a regular meditation schedule will not only enhance your quality of life, but will also allow happiness and peace to occur both inside and outside of the office. Here are six reminders to help bring the focus back to what’s most important.

6 Reminders to Post at Your Desk

1. You are not a machine. You are a being in need of love, support, encouragement, happiness, joy, and laughter, and your optimal state is a spiritual one.

2. Meditation provides the release from stress that will allow you to function at peak efficiency. To be successful in business you need clear goals, creativity, innovation, assertive communication, teamwork, and leadership. It’s difficult to achieve any of these if you’re under stress.

3. Slow down. You can find higher levels of creativity to accomplish your tasks without the need to rush. The Rubik’s Cube has millions of possible combinations to get through before all its faces can be synchronized. The majority of people become stuck and frustrated within the first few steps. As a result they’re not able to see all the possibilities in front of them, which causes them to give up on the puzzle. Even the simplest answers elude us when we let stress dictate our actions.

4. Your spiritual needs are as important as your biological needs. A healthy spirit helps you live life in the now instead of reliving past events or waiting to live your life at some undefined point in the future. Prioritize your spirituality so that you can live life as your best self now.

5. Meditation can bring about powerful change. Contemplation—or any other form of meditation—helps to nurture your spirituality. It brings peace of mind, normalizes your blood pressure, helps you breathe consciously, and lets you enjoy the here and now. Meditation is a discipline that will not only enhance your brain but also train your mind to direct your efforts toward what really matters to you.

6. Put yourself first. The act of contemplation or meditation will help you to know yourself in a deeper way, which will help you make wiser decisions that are based on your real needs.

There’s no magic pill or potion that will make you realize what’s truly important in your life. This realization comes from an enhanced, wider perception of the world around you that cannot be intellectually transferred to you by someone else. It can only come from within. Once you get it, a world of opportunities will open up for you and you’ll realize that you have the potential to accomplish anything you set your mind to.

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