Primordial Sound

Harnessing the Power of Om for Inner Peace
For most people in the West, chanting "Om" is a practice that's typically reserved for the beginning or the end of a yoga class. As this chant fills the classroom with beautiful resonance, you may notice a subtle shift in your state of mind. For many people, chanting Om brings about a sense of peace and relaxation, moving you from...
What Is a Mantra?
Learn about the true meaning of mantras in yogic practices and how to increase your awareness and bring focus to your life.
Curación con el Sonido: Afinar para Encontrar la Armonía Interior
El sonido ha sido utilizado durante generaciones por la mayoría de las culturas para traer paz y equilibrio. El sonido de un tambor, tocar un cuenco y cantar mantras pueden tener un efecto armonizador. Escuchar los sonidos de la naturaleza también tiene un efecto curativo en tu bienestar.
Healing with Sound: Tune Up to Find Inner Harmony
A physician friend of mine once jokingly said that most of the time, doctors just entertain their patients until they cure themselves. While he was joking, there is an element of truth in what he said. The body is its own best healer. When balanced and harmonious, your body knows exactly what to do in any situation. One tool that...
Renew Your Meditation Space
The space in which you meditate can profoundly influence the ease with which you are able to settle into meditation. According to eighth-century Indian philosopher, Adi Shankaracharya, your physical environment exudes a dynamic energetic frequency that rouses similar, corresponding energies in the body and mind. Some frequencies pull the attention outward, while others draw it inward; some activate the mind,...
How to Use Sound to Heal Yourself
Discover the transformative power of sound healing and tune yourself to vibrations of health, happiness, and unity.
The Healing Power of Sound
Every morning after my meditation I balance my energy centers with sound vibrations. I like to meditate on a mantra—a sound that helps me slow down the excessive traffic of my thoughts. When I do this I feel certain that my entire being is balanced. It’s more than just a hope or an idea—it’s a very strong, clearly identifiable wave...
What Is Primordial Sound Meditation?
Primordial Sound Meditation is a healing practice that allows us to experience inner calm and deep relaxation. Learn more about primordial sounds for meditation with Chopra.
Three Ayurvedic Tools to Help You Reduce Stress
Stress is an inevitable part of life. The impact of stress on human health, especially in today’s world of overstimulation, is alarming. April has been observed as Stress Awareness Month since 1992 to raise awareness about this condition that lies at the root of most diseases.Stress Awareness Month is a national effort designed to create awareness about the detrimental effects...
My 'Power' Story, by Jackie Cantwell
Here is the 'power' story of Jackie Cantwell, sound meditation and real-talk on mental health.
My Spiritual Journey by Roger Gabriel, Chopra Global's Chief Meditation Officer
Our Chief Meditation Officer Roger Gabriel’s spiritual journey is far from over, but here you will learn how it began and how he continues to learn and teach—across the globe.My father was an engineer who traveled the world working on various projects. Growing up, this seemed like a great life to me so I decided that I would become a...