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Embracing Feminine Energy in an Overtly Masculine World

Embracing Feminine Energy in an Overtly Masculine World
It’s not your fault if you’re feeling out of balance. And by balance, think of your propensity to experience more masculine energy then its sister, the feminine.

Here’s why. Society is set and founded on the patriarchy. Even the Declaration of Independence, the foundation of the United States, is based on your “forefathers,” not mothers. History books highlight brilliant men who made incredible discoveries and changed the world, yet often miss women who also added incredible value. Religious texts are similar; it’s hard to find any women of power mentioned.

Words and phrases are predominantly masculine. You’re commended when you “have balls,” but if you are being a coward or overbearing, you might be called a “pussy.”

Incorporate the Masculine and the Feminine

There is nothing inherently wrong with the masculine. The truth is that human beings are designed to have both masculine and feminine qualities and attributes. You need and crave them both. When in balance, both of these energies create an alchemy of divine connection, abundance, health, and joy that is otherworldly.

Women and businesswomen, in particular, are conditioned to do life from an overly pronounced masculine focus. American culture is set up to emphasize and celebrate a masculine way of life—productivity, achievement, action, and doing.

Before going into what it means to embrace and add the feminine back for a restoration of balance and well-being, first you need to understand what the masculine represents.

Understand Masculine Energy

Masculine energy in its pure form is associated with taking action, doing, accomplishing, making things happen, being productive and efficient, setting and achieving goals, having purpose and power, using sexual energy as fuel to create, and actively manifesting from a place of action. The energetic area, or chakra, associated with the masculine is the solar plexus (located by your belly button).

When the masculine is in overdrive, which is how much of the culture operates today, the focus shifts to hyper-competition, avoiding emotions, winning at all costs, stepping over others to accomplish goals, putting others down to look better, power struggles, degrading the feminine and women in general, ego, and a mindset of “me” vs. “them.”

Can you relate? Maybe you’re a male reading this who was taught to not express and feel emotions, yet rather to be logical and push down anything that could get in the way of feeling too much. If that describes you, you were taught to detach from and neglect the feminine.

Perhaps you are a female in the corporate world who has had to navigate the confusing and often turbulent waters of a predominantly masculine culture, such as making sure you are not overtly emotional at work or dressed too sexually permissive, or too focused on your children and family and their needs.

Now that you have had a chance to get the feeling flavor of the masculine, let’s take a voyage over to the land of the feminine.

Understand Feminine Energy

Assuming that you have the potential and need to experience both of these energies, see how you might be able to take some of these ideas and incorporate them into your life. It’s time to wake up and come out of the overly focused patriarchal slumber and remember that you are a whole being meant to experience the feminine as well as the masculine—a full balance of your energy, peace, and well-being.

Here are the top 10 things to know about the feminine side of your being:

  1. The feminine is about community, connection, companionship, and co-creating. For example, as you shine, you allow others to shine. There is room for all to shine and radiate, and by uplifting one another you co-create a world that works for everyone. Notice the lens you are using your relationships, be it with a spouse, sibling, parent or colleague. Are you collaborative? Not needing to be right or wrong? Open without being controlling?
  2. Power is created from going within—take advantage of stillness, intuition, listening, feeling, inspiration, being with emotions, sensual movement, having faith, and allowing yourself to be guided. Authority is found from within and through a deep connection to your highest self.
  3. The feminine is about a state of being, not doing. Most people “do” life from a place of forced action. In this realm, it’s about getting into a state of being and from that place you create a magical life. For example, you meditate in the morning and decide to be connected to love, kindness, and compassion. This way of being will guide you throughout your day and help you to manifest positive interactions, opportunities, and authentic connections.
  4. The feminine energy is about receiving, allowing, going within, tapping into your divine wisdom, and empowering others.
  5. You are encouraged to move through all emotions, meaning physically moving through them and allowing yourself to feel, reveal, heal, and turn in and on to your own power.
  6. This energy is about being present in a very grounded way to the moment, to the gifts and lessons that have brought you to the present, finding grace and wisdom in the silence, deep listening and being receptive.
  7. The feminine is also about pleasure being a birthright. You don’t have to earn it; all are worthy of sensual pleasure. This is not necessarily just about sexual pleasure, although it can encompass that, too. Rather it’s about finding pleasure through your senses of smell, touch, taste, hearing, and sight. The challenge is to value this experience and prioritize it just as you would setting goals or answering emails.
  8. Beauty of all forms is cherished in the feminine—appreciation of beauty, be it a flower, tree, humanity, art, material goods, and the natural world lives in the feminine domain.
  9. Prosperity and abundance are a human right for all beings. The feminine is about sharing abundance and knowing there is always enough for everyone.
  10. Self-love leads to more love for others. The feminine is about loving your true essence and seeing that divine spark in others. For example, for those who practice yoga or meditate might use the word namaste. Namaste in Sanskrit means, “The divine spark in I, honors the divine spark in you.”

How to Connect to Your Feminine Energy

Let’s make this practical. Here’s how to unleash the energy within you and connect to the feminine:

  • Connect with nature: Make it a practice to connect with nature, be it a walk through a garden, sitting by flowers, standing barefoot on the grass, or reading by a tree.
  • Decision-making: When making decisions, connect first to the feminine energy of being; use your intuition and inspiration to tap into the wisdom within. What part of your body do you resonate with and connect with when making a decision? Start learning the wisdom of your own body and where you feel different emotions and decisions.
  • Community: Don’t go it alone. Join or become part of a community where there is mutual support of one another (this can be an online or virtual community, support group, mastermind, on the phone, or in person).
  • Rituals: Create a sacred space, altar, or special place to get quiet and go within. Spend time with yourself daily in the morning or evening where you can meditate or perhaps pray, journal, reflect, move, and dance.
  • Water: Using water for healing and renewal has been used in many ancient communities, religions, and practices. All human beings start out engulfed in the healing waters in utero within their mother’s womb. Connect to this feminine healing quality by taking luxurious baths, longer showers with beautiful scents, floating pods, or in a pool or hot tub where you can relax and rejuvenate.
  • Sensuality and sexuality: The feminine is about experiencing pleasure, receiving, taking time to be in the moment, and forming deep connections.
  • Appreciation and gratitude: Pay attention to your bounty, to all that you can appreciate from something as small as the food on your table, your heart that is beating on your behalf, or the car that drove you to work. What you appreciate, appreciates. Gratitude begets more opportunities for deeper gratitude. Watch your life be filled with more ease, calm, peace, and sweetness.
The energy area, or chakra, associated with the feminine is the second sacral chakra located in your womb area. This is the place of creation, sensuality, birthing new possibilities, and receiving pleasure.

To experience more feminine energy, you can start with a 30-day feminine energy challenge where you ask yourself these questions;

  1. How can I honor both my feminine and masculine energy in this situation or event?
  2. What are ways to tap deeper into my feminine energy resources?
Consciously add more feminine energy to your life and experience the totality of wholeness that comes from the balance of including both the feminine and masculine.