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7 Steps to Inspire Creativity Within

7 Steps to Inspire Creativity Within
We often think of creativity as something that only certain people are gifted with. In fact, we have special words for such people. We often call them brilliant, inspired, or ingenious. These words do signify a true insight. Creativity does spring forth from that part of our deeper being which is truly brilliant and infinitely intelligent. In turn, this deep-level intelligence then manifests to us as inspiration, changed perception, and insight.

The mistake, however, is to think that creativity is something that only special individuals possess. Our wisdom traditions tell us that creativity is a fundamental aspect of reality itself. It is not the special property of gifted individuals, but an intrinsic dynamic within each of us and within all of nature. Creativity is that process through which the universe continually expresses its infinite self. Creativity is ceaseless and inexhaustible. It is an innate part of who and what we are.

In truth, each of us is actually creating all the time. This is because the world we experience is arising from our own thoughts, beliefs, and intentions. It is stemming from our own consciousness. If we stay focused on our ego, we create experiences of separation, conflict, pain, and limitation. We also stay stuck in the same patterns—the same ways of thinking, acting, and perceiving.

On the other hand, if we identify with our deeper self we can create experiences that reflect harmony, joy, abundance, and innovation. We do this by letting go of the ego’s limited ways of operation. We open instead to our infinite being and its unlimited potential. This is normally the type of creativity we admire in others and that we strive for in ourselves. The good news is that we can move into this type of creativity by intentionally choosing to do so.

7 Practical Steps to Inspired Creativity

Here are seven practical ways to cultivate inspired creativity in your life:

  • Expand your definition of who you are: Free yourself from any restricted sense of who you are and know that you are a being of infinite potential. It’s important to accept your true nature and to consciously work with it. Inspired creativity stems from your true self.
  • Cultivate the wisdom of your deeper self: Release preconceived ideas, habits, and patterns. Let go of all ideas of what is possible or impossible. Meditate and consciously link to your deeper self and surrender to your infinite wisdom. Allow yourself regular periods of silence. Make space for new thoughts and perceptions.
  • Set your intentions: Inspired creativity arises best when you set your intentions with full clarity and awareness. Be fully conscious of what you want to create. Affirm your intentions and be as clear as possible. Take action to fulfill your intention while releasing any attachment to the outcome.
  • Ask how to be of service: Our deeper self is unified with all of reality. Asking how to be of service taps into that unity consciousness and invites its expression through you for the benefit of all. This dissolves limited and self-centered motivations and harnesses the power of infinity. Before you meditate and throughout the day, silently ask yourself, How can I help? How can I serve?
  • Embrace your uniqueness: As the spiritual Law of Dharma states, you are a unique center of creative activity and you have a creative role to play that no one else can fulfill. Realize that there is an appreciative audience for all your creative contributions.
  • See all challenges as opportunities: Get in the habit of interpreting all problems as opportunities. All problems have win-win solutions when we tap into the creativity of our infinite self. Those solutions always create greater joy and wellbeing for those involved. Consciously seek these universal solutions.
  • Rise to the level where there are no problems: At the highest levels of consciousness, problems do not exist. Everything is always recognized as perfect—exactly as it is. As you cultivate this awareness in all circumstances, you will open the door to inspired creation from the highest levels.