How to Use Music as a Tool to Balance Your Dosha
The foundation of Ayurveda is that you can use your five senses as tools in order to experience healing and return to your most natural state of balance in mind and body. Your daily routine as it relates to the five senses—sound, sight, smell, taste, and touch—can all influence the way you feel and make a notable impact on your...
How Music Relieves Stress and Helps You Relax
Music has been used for hundreds of years to restore harmony between mind and body. In recent decades, researchers have measured health-related advantages of music, particularly as they relate to stress reduction and relaxation induction.Stress can either increase the risk of or exacerbate serious health issues like anxiety, asthma, depression, gastrointestinal problems, heart disease, and obesity. On the flip side,...
Happiness Song Playlist: 101 Songs To Improve Your Mood And Boost Your Spirits
Music is great at lifting your spirits and boosting your mood. Here is a 101 song playlist of happiness-inducing songs from Chopra!