Health Issues

7 Simple Mantras for Healing and Transformation
Mantras are vibrations that create desired effects, such as healing, transformation or self-awareness. Learn these 7 mantras to better meditate & help in your daily life.
Ask Dr. Sheila: How Can Ayurveda Help When Nothing Else Has Worked?
For the Ask Dr. Sheila column, Dr. Sheila Patel, Chopra’s Chief Medical Officer, answers questions from our community. In this article, Dr. Sheila answers a question about how Ayurveda can offer support for health issues when the individual has tried a variety of modalities without success.
The Harmful Effects of Chronic Stress
Everyone has a stress set point. In other words, your early childhood events imprint your corticotropin-releasing hormone, the peptide hormone involved in the stress response, at a certain level. This set point, or the programming in the emotional brain, determines how you typically react to stressors.Although this programming can feel as though its ingrained for life, it can be changed...
3 Lifestyle Hacks to Dampen Inflammation
Inflammation is a natural and needed process in the body; it is part of an effective immune system response. The body uses beneficial acute inflammatory reactions to direct blood flow, immune cells, and nutrients to areas in need of healing, such as wounds and infections. But when inflammation gets out of hand or occurs in the wrong place, it can...
Avoid These 7 Foods to Reduce Bloating
Bloating is a build-up of gas in the digestive system, which can make your stomach bulge. Bloating is uncomfortable and painful; it’s that bowling-ball-in-the-stomach feeling.Sometimes bloating feels like intense pain that you can’t shake. If you experience bloating, whether it’s on a daily basis or from time to time, avoid these seven foods that have been shown to increase, or...