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Intention, Attention, No Tension: 3 Tips to Master the Law of Attraction

Intention, Attention, No Tension: 3 Tips to Master the Law of Attraction
According to Michael Losier’s The Law of Attraction (LOA), you attract into your life whatever you focus your attention and energy on, whether positive or negative. While it is relatively easy to understand this principle, it can sometimes prove challenging to put to use. Oftentimes, when people claim that the LOA doesn’t work, they just haven’t yet mastered how to utilize this powerful and reliable energetic law of the Universe.

Here are three steps toward mastering the LOA to become happier, healthier, and more abundant in your life.

1. Set Your Intention

Get clear about what you want. Imagine you are planting a seed. If you plant an apple seed, it would be unreasonable for you to expect anything other than an apple tree to grow in its place.

So get clear about the seeds you are planting. If you want financial abundance, for example, get clear about what that looks and feels like for you. Sometimes you may think you’re sending out vibrations of abundance, when in fact you’ve been planting seeds of lack. Every time you say you can’t afford something, you are planting a seed of poverty. Watch your words and mind your thoughts. It would be more effective to say something like, “I have all the money I need, but I choose not to spend my money this way right now.” This shift in vibration calls forth energy of optimism and control, rather than victimization.

2. Focus Your Attention

Focus on what you want. Give it attention and give it love. If you have your heart set on getting a promotion, for example, commit to holding yourself to the idea that you already have the promotion. By believing that what you want is not only possible, but also your birthright, you release resistance and allow that which you desire to flow easily to you.

The problem sometimes comes when you unconsciously focus on not having what you want. Focusing on the obstacles or feeling anxious over the length of time a desire takes to manifest can inadvertently stave off your anticipated outcomes. Remember, energy flows where attention goes. Whatever you focus your attention on will increase in vibration. Check on how you’ve been focusing your attention by taking inventory of what you currently have going on in your life. If your current situation is undesirable, then it’s possible you’ve been focusing on negativity in some arena of your life.

3. Release Tension

Give it time. Be ready to receive. Think about it this way: When you’re baking a cake, you first decide what kind of cake you want to bake. Then, you focus on choosing the ingredients and putting them all together. But it doesn’t become a cake until you put it in the oven and leave it alone.Staring or poking at it won’t make it bake any quicker; in fact, it may just make you frustrated. Instead, go about your life, letting the cake bake in the oven, with absolute certainty that it will be ready when the timing is right. So take a deep breath and be easy about it. Hold yourself in a calm, uplifted, and confident place, and trust you are releasing resistance that could be preventing you from experiencing your greatest joy.

Give it a Try: The LOA responds to your vibration, not your words. Think about, dream about, and talk about things that make you happy, and the Universe will match that vibe with more of the same.

In summary, to practice the LOA:

  1. Set your intention—clarify your desire
  2. Focus your attention on the achievement of that desire (not accidentally the opposite!)
  3. Release your tension about the situation, and allow goodness to flow your way
Once you start seeing proof of how the LOA works in your life, it becomes easier to put it to good use for the benefit of your happiness and well-being. Have fun with it, be lighter about it, and notice how feeling good draws more wonderful goodness into your world.