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Let Go of Limitations and Open Yourself to Divine Joy

Let Go of Limitations and Open Yourself to Divine Joy
Are you guilty of prequalifying how your life should appear, mired in “if only,” “can’t,” and “should have?”

“If only I were a size 4.”

“I should have been a doctor so I’d be wealthy.”

“I can’t get healthy; I’m too busy taking care of my family.”

Is your way getting in the way of the Divine’s plan?

The Divine is an infinite energy, the source of all things, continually at work in your life to bring you all that you need. Not what you want, but truly what you need. The people, places, situations, and scenarios that are a part of your highest good are consistently placed in your path and, in some cases, right in front of you.

The blinders of predetermined expectations hinder your capacity to be present to the coincidences and synchronicity provided at the hand of a limitless universal presence.


From your limited perspective, the Divine’s ways are impossible to understand. There is no crystal ball in which to gaze, and you can’t fast-forward five years to view the outcomes of what’s placed in your path right now. The only thing required of you is trust. You need to trust how life is unfolding and be open to a life more miraculous than even you can imagine.

I am continually awestruck at the unexpected and unforeseen ways I’m being moved through life. While I knew I would facilitate something to support humanity, I never anticipated or expected that it would look the way it does today. I am the most unlikely of messengers, and in my mind I was the last person God would choose to convey its love.

In giving my life over to the Divine, surrendering control, and releasing expectations, I have become the benefactor of countless blessings. I have traveled the globe, met world leaders, gathered together a global community, found my life partner, and am now the father of four beautiful children. In all of this, I have never forgotten the source of it all, the sweet beloved presence that lovingly guides me in every moment.

Release Expectations

It’s time to birth a new way of being. Spirit is inviting you to reconnect with your higher self. Surrender your will, live from your soul, and allow the Divine to bring you the unlimited possibilities you were born to experience.

If you need a little help letting go of limitations that don’t serve your greater calling, try this simple yet powerful trick every morning.

Affirm out loud: “I am open to receive and trust in all you have planned for me.”

The spark has ignited. Pay attention as your angels and guides come in the unlikeliest of forms. Above all else, follow and trust your heart. Your willingness to remain connected and ready to receive increases your awareness of a life beyond your wildest dreams.