Turn Any Place into a Meditation Space

Turn Any Place into a Meditation Space

Transform a Small Corner of Your Home into a Peaceful Retreat

As we teach participants in the 21-Day Meditation Challenge, creating a daily meditation practice that allows you to spend time each day in peace, silence and restful alertness will give you the greatest benefits. To make meditation part of your daily routine, it helps to create a special space that you look forward to retreating to at the beginning and end of your day – or whatever time you designate for your meditation practice.

Although some people like to dedicate an entire room for meditation, if you live in a small studio or don’t have much space, you can still create a beautiful area for meditation in a nook or corner of your home. Erin Carenzo, a recent guest at the Chopra Center, returned home feeling inspired to continue the twice-daily Primordial Sound Meditation practice she learned at the Perfect Health program. Even though her home and life are full with the activities of three sons under the age of eight, she found a creative way to transform a little-used corner of a bedroom into a serene meditation space. See the transformation unfold here:

Erin Carenzo is a full-time mom, business owner, and writer, trying to find a sense of calm in a house full of boys. You can learn more about her work at Grapevine Productions.