Meditation: The Path to Pure Love

Meditation: The Path to Pure Love
Once, before time, there was only Love. Pure, unconditional Love. Divine Love. Pure Love moved within itself to share itself and created a celestial sound. The material world emerges from Pure Love. The whole Universe is a projection of Pure Love. Love is the start to everything.

How You Forget You’re Pure Love

The good news is that in your essence, you’re already Pure Love, perfect in every way—perfectly healthy, perfectly happy, all your desires are instantly fulfilled. Unfortunately, the bad news is you’ve forgotten this and, thus, lead a less-than-perfect life—where you get sick, depressed, and frustrated.

You forget that you are love because of stress, fatigue, and toxins, which result from:

  • An overload of responsibilities, either at home or at work.
  • Unfulfilled desires, when nothing seems to go your way.
  • Threats to your happiness and security, from watching the evening news or living in a hostile environment.
  • Poor lifestyle choices, such as eating an unhealthy diet, not getting good quality sleep, or getting insufficient exercise.
  • Toxic relationships with family, coworkers, or the world in general.
  • Feeling unloved or unlovable.
  • Having fears.
Fear is the opposite to Love and it is the biggest obstacle to Love’s free flow in your life. Stress and fear plant the seeds of illness, which, if not removed, lead to the majority of ailments you face.

Meditation Leads to Love

Fortunately, you don’t have to search for Love; you just need to dissolve the barriers you have created around it. The great mystic Osho said, “If you meditate, sooner or later you will come upon love. If you meditate deeply, sooner or later you will start feeling a tremendous love rising in you that you have never felt before, a new quality to your Being.” Meditation is a journey from activity to silence, a reconnection with your essential Self and the unfolding of your true inner Love.

During meditation, the body experiences deep rest. Rest is how the body naturally heals itself, which it does by throwing off stress, fatigue, and toxins. This allows for Love to begin to flow freely in all areas of your life. Meditation is a journey from fear and confusion to the awakening of Love. Love is the ultimate healer, which dissolves all your sorrows, pains, and fears. When Love flows freely, your mind and body become healthier; your heart opens bringing greater understanding, compassion, and forgiveness; you enjoy loving meaningful relationships, opening the possibility for a more peaceful, harmonious, loving world.

The Infinite Possibilities of Pure Love

At the beginning of creation, the Great Divine wondered where to hide the most precious jewel of Pure Love. Some celestial beings suggested the distant stars, others suggested the deepest oceans, but the great Divine said, “No, let’s hide it deep within every person, beyond all the chaos and confusion of the mind, only true lovers will think of looking there.” So, let’s look.

Between any two thoughts you have, there is a space. This space is silent or it would be the next thought; this space also holds the infinite possibilities of Pure Love. However, you are not your thoughts; you are the thinker of your thoughts. The only place the thinker, your Soul, can be is also in the spaces between the thoughts—meaning your essential nature, your Soul, is Silence and Pure Love.

Meditation takes you to quieter levels of the thinking process until you slip into the spaces between your thoughts. With regular practice of meditation, you reconnect with your essential nature and begin to reintegrate the Silence and infinite possibilities of Pure Unconditional Love, into your everyday life.

Go Beyond Thought

One of the greatest limitations to your love is the prisons you create from binding yourself tightly in your memories and desires. All memories and desires are in the thinking process. When, through meditation, you go beyond thoughts, you access the Unlimited Infinite Possibilities of Pure Love and break free from the chains of conditioning. Meditation restores the memory of happiness, wholeness, and Pure Love. This Love is not merely romantic love, it is the ecstatic love experienced by saints, yogis, and those blessed with Divine Grace.

Your life has many layers. Meditation restores the memory of Love in all the layers of your life.

The Universe is a projection of Pure Love, an evolution from Universal Unconditional Love to individual love, to ego, intellect, mind, senses, and, ultimately, the physical body and the environment.

Meditation is an “in”-volution, a return journey from the gross world to subtler and subtler levels until you arrive back home to rest in Pure Unconditional Love. By making the journey back and forth from the gross to subtlest levels, you begin to reintegrate all the different levels. Finally, you gain the realization that everything is nothing other than Pure Love in different disguises. With this realization, separation dissolves.

Dissolve Separation with Meditation

Separation is the biggest cause of conflict in the world. When two people who see themselves as separate have a falling out, it can easily escalate into a bigger conflict. All the wars in the world are because you see yourself as separate from others. You maintain your individuality, but when you realize that at your deepest level you are part of the same wholeness on a cosmic level, two people fighting is as ridiculous as if your hands decided they didn’t like each other and started hitting each other. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi said, “From the insurmountable pangs of separation to the unlimited joy of eternal union, swings a tender wave of love.”

Meditation provides the path to bring Pure Love back into your life. When you dive into a swimming pool you come out wet. You bring some of the water with you. In meditation, you dive into the eternal, unbounded ocean of Pure Love and come out scattering the joy, bliss, and glory of Love in all directions.

It is reminiscent of the line in a Fleetwood Mac song, “Drowning in a sea of love, where everyone would love to drown.” In meditation, Pure Love “drowns” everything that no longer serves you, so you emerge as your true Loving Self. Even though it may be hidden by clouds, the sun is always there waiting to share its light and warmth.

Just the same, even though covered by stress and fatigue, Pure Love is always waiting to shine in your life. Set aside a few minutes to meditate and bask in Love’s radiance the rest of the day.

Use a Mantra

Like any journey, it’s easiest to ride in a vehicle and have someone who knows the way to guide you. In meditation, there are specific sounds called mantras that fulfill both of these requirements.

The mantras used in a technique, such as the Chopra Center’s Primordial Sound Meditation Program, carry your awareness inwards—from activity to silence. Inherent within these mantras is also the desire to return to their source, Pure Love. These mantras have been used for thousands of years and know the way home. Silently repeating the mantra, your thoughts settle down until you slip into the spaces between the thoughts and enter your home of Pure Love. Although it is better to use a mantra that is specifically chosen for you, there are other sounds you can use.

Prem is the Sanskrit vibration of Divine Love (the “e” is pronounced with a slight “ay” sound).

  • Sitting quietly with your eyes closed, begin silently repeating the sound prem. (The key to meditation is to be effortless; the less you do, the greater the rewards.)
  • Don’t focus or concentrate, just continue repeating the sound easily and effortlessly. Other thoughts are part of the process so don’t struggle against them. Whenever you notice you have drifted away from the sound, gently come back to it.
  • Don’t look for any particular experience during meditation. The experience will be whatever is appropriate at that time.
  • Continue for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • At the end of meditation, stop repeating the sound and continue resting quietly for another couple of minutes before opening your eyes.
Reinstalling Pure Divine Love in your hearts opens your awareness to the magnificent blessings of the Universe. You fall in with Love yourself and everyone and everything in creation. You become One in Love. Meditation will bring you to the door, where Love will invite you in. Welcome to the world of Pure Love!

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