Discovering Ayurveda

Ayurvedic Rituals Of Self-Love
Ayurveda believes that your Self chose your body to fulfill your life’s purpose; it is crucial that you honor your life as a gift from the universe. The body you inhabit is an essential part of your journey as it is the carrier for your soul. Which is why it is important to express love towards all aspects of yourself.
Understanding Nature’s Role In Ayurvedic Healing
The human body is the product of five elements of nature: Akasha i.e. Space; Vayu i.e Air; Agni i.e Fire; Jal i.e. Water; Prithvi i.e. Earth. In Ayurveda, each body is considered to be a blend of these five elements
Five Qualities that Help Balance Pitta Dosha
To keep Pitta from being aggravated, a few simple key words should be kept in mind. Healing words for Pitta dosha are Cool, Dry, Bitter, Sweet, Moderate.
Ayurveda for Spiritual Well-being
Ayurveda is the traditional healing system from India that is literally translated as ‘the science of life.’ Through healthy daily practices and aligning with natural rhythms, one can prevent disease and create health on a daily basis. And although the outcome of Ayurvedic lifestyle and medical treatment is a healthy body and mind, the true aim of Ayurveda is to...
Ask Dr. Sheila: Understanding Vikruti, Your Current State of Health or Imbalance
Our prakruti, or nature, doesn’t change. It’s like our unique fingerprint, or DNA. Our individual proportions of the doshas are what makes us unique. However, since we have all three of the doshas within our constitution, any of them can accumulate and get out of balance, which is our vikruti.
How to Cultivate Peace and Calm through the Healing Properties of Tamo Guna
Imagine a day without night, or a summer without winter. Things would be out of balance. Through proper application, quantity, and timing of tamas, it can be a medicine for us to arrive at a state of peace and harmony.
Transforming Our Habits Through Mindful Resolutions
For many of us, ringing in the new year with fresh resolutions is a great opportunity to bring awareness and attention to our aspirations to break free from our current unhealthy habits.Our vices fall under a category called Prajñāparādha, which is one of the most common hetu or causes of disease according to Ayurveda. It can be described in its...
Get Grounded with Sweet Potato Chai Pancakes
In the Northern Hemisphere, we’re in the midst of Vata season, with cold, windy days that increase the Vata dosha in the body, mind, and emotions. If you accumulate too much Vata, you’re likely to feel nervous, spacy, or overstimulated. To keep your Vata in balance, start your day with a grounding breakfast routine to feel rooted, warm, and nourished.Discover...