Hello, I’m
Sara Jester

Sara Jester is a Nutritionist and Chopra Certified Perfect Health Educator based in San Diego, California. She owns her practice, Barbell Kitchen, and teaches the sustainability behind nutrition through private and group coaching as well as shared recipes. Honoring Deepak Chopra's Pillars of Health, Sara helps transform her clients' lives through well-being and fitness practices. She also holds certifications in Mobility, CrossFit, and Olympic lifting.

She believes her education extends beyond titles, but as a nutritionist, seeks to nurture her community towards improved health. She’s helped hundreds of clients create physical change, whether they have improved their body composition or altered their environment (physically and spiritually). Her teachings are grounded in mindfulness and she uses the science behind nutrition to help people become more connected to their well-being goals.

She is a mother of two and when she’s not coaching or lifting, you can catch her in the kitchen baking.