A Meditation for Healing Heartbreak
Try this meditative practice to soothe heartbreak and grief. 
Healing After Loss: Meditation for Grieving
Whenever you find yourself feeling overwhelmed with grief, try this meditation for grief and sadness to help you begin to find resolution to your feelings.
Reconnect Your Mind, Body and Soul with These Four Ways to Navigate the Stages Grief
If you are experiencing grief right now, remember that your path may be unique but you are never alone. Here are four ways to help you navigate the five stages of grief in your own time.Everybody experiences grief at some point in their lives. We tend to associate grief with death, but other losses also trigger grief, such as separation...
Full of Love: How the Chopra Health Retreat Helped Me Return to Myself... Twice
I just completed my second experience attending the Chopra Health Retreat. The first time was back in 2017 in Carlsbad, California and this time it was May 2023 in Carefree, Arizona. I went for very different reasons each time. The First Experience: Healing Heartbreak The first time, I was heartbroken after not being able to sustain a healthy pregnancy. I...
Three Ways to Cope with Trauma and Grief
How to address trauma and navigate your healing journey.
Finding Purpose in Grief and Loss
Deepak Chopra has notably said, “There are no accidents … there is only some purpose that we haven’t yet understood.”When things are going relatively well in our lives, this statement feels like a welcome promise – an affirmation that this mysterious path is ours and it is right. We experience moments of coincidence and serendipity as the Universe’s way of...
Honoring Lost Loved Ones During the Holidays
Something about the twinkly lights, early dark nights, and the cooler temperatures makes us want to reflect. The holiday season could really be renamed, yearnings of yesterday because of all the feelings that come up during this time.Those sneaky nostalgia feelings combined with staying inside and all the interacting, or lack thereof, can bring up so many emotions. We may...
8 Ways to Heal Your Soul After a Loss
Grief and loss are natural life experiences; feelings of grief can be a process you move through. How you start healing after a loss determines how you deal with loss.