7 Essential Oils and Mudras for Emotional Healing and Balance
We've put together a list of emotional healing essential oils in combination with mudras (hand positions) that will help restore balance to your life. Check them out below.
5 Vata-Balancing Strategies for Fall
Ahh, fall — the beautiful autumn foliage, pumpkin picking, and drinking warm apple cider as the air cools and the wind picks up. Just as doshas govern your constitution, they also govern the seasons. Summer has transitioned into fall, which is considered to be the Vata time of the year. The Vata dosha is made of the elements air and...
How to Use Aromatherapy for Optimized Health and Well-Being
It’s no secret that scent can have a powerful effect on your life. Just a hint of a particular aroma can conjure memories—both good and bad. It can even have a physical effect on you, depending on what you associate with that aroma.It’s why cultures for centuries have used the sense of smell as a pathway to encourage health and...