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Good Energy Eats: 9 High Vibrational Foods to Add to Your Plate in Winter

Good Energy Eats: 9 High Vibrational Foods to Add to Your Plate in Winter

If you’re looking for a way to increase your energy and vitality this cold weather season, look no further than high vibrational foods. Everything on Earth has a vibration because it is made up of energy. However, when we say high vibrational foods, we mean “foods that are closest to their natural form and carry the energy of the Earth and the Sun,” explains Serena Poon, a celebrity chef, certified nutritionist, and Reiki Master. With that in mind, Poon adds that “plants are the closest thing to pure energy that humans can consume” and “the more plants you eat, the more you can feel your vibration lift.”

The best way to consume more high vibrational foods is to opt for plant-based foods from a homegrown garden or the farmers market as often as possible. Food found in a grocery store often travel many miles in a truck — which, Poon notes, also carries a vibrational experience — and is therefore less fresh, or holds less of that Earth and Sun energy. That being said, if you do not have the option of a backyard garden or local farmers market, Poon says you can “raise a food’s vibrational effect by expressing gratitude and being mindful about how the food is engaging with your body.

The Benefits of High Vibrational Foods

As far as the benefits are concerned, “high vibrational foods are incredibly nourishing,” says Poon. “Not only do these foods supply beautiful phytonutrients and antioxidants that support health, they will also make you feel great,” she adds. Poon goes on to explain how consuming a diet full of these types of foods can “make people feel lighter, more connected, and with enhanced mental clarity.” She also notes that high vibrational foods can help your body balance its energy centers. “Eating foods that correlate to the guiding color of a chakra can help you find healing in these centers,” Poon explains. “Balanced energy centers can lead to a stronger flow of energy through your body and greater emotional and physical health,” she adds.

High Vibrational Foods to Eat in Winter

Eating seasonally is another way to increase your body’s vibrations and reap the benefits of high vibrational foods. Here are some of the best plant-based foods to consume for increased vitality during the winter season.


Consuming apples is a great way to add in high vibrations to any diet. “Not only will they raise your vibration, they are also full of fiber and a powerful antioxidant [called] quercetin,” says Poon.


Root vegetables are abundant in the cold weather season. And, these red jewels are “bursting with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants,” says Poon. Additionally, root vegetables “supply a grounding energy, which can be helpful if you’re feeling stressed or anxious.”


“Herbs are some of my favorite high vibrational foods,” says Poon. They offer “nuanced, therapeutic benefits that have been demonstrated by science and that you can feel if you really tune in,” she adds. This favorite Italian herb has a natural oil that “supports health with its antimicrobials, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties.”


Citrus fruits are in season during the winter months and, according to Poon, offer “an uplifting energy that can help get your body and mind in motion.” They are also great for the immune system because they are “full of vitamin C.”

Sweet Potatoes

Because they are grown in the ground, sweet potatoes (like beets) offer grounding energy while raising your vibration. “Sweet potatoes are also high in beta-carotene and are one of the only plant foods that supply biotin,” adds Poon.

Collard Greens

Greens are another great way to increase your body’s vibrations as their energy is “almost pure sunlight.” In the winter, consuming collard greens gives the body a boost of vitamins C and A. Additionally they “grow toward the sun, delivering a light and uplifting energetic quality,” says Poon.


This favorite citrus is rich in beneficial vitamin C. And, adding a squeeze of lemon juice to your water, tea, or soup “can quickly shift your energy to a place of clarity and presence,” says Poon.


Incorporating mint into your winter diet can “support digestive health, which is an important foundation of overall health,” says Poon. Additionally, it delivers a refreshing and high vibrational energy.


In the winter, consuming seasonal plant-based foods can be a challenge since it’s not exactly nature’s abundant season. But, one easy way to do so is to add sprouts into your diet. “Sprouts contain an array of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants,” says Poon.

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