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Stay Balanced with these Kombucha Flavors for Each Dosha

Stay Balanced with these Kombucha Flavors for Each Dosha
On National Booch Day (also known as National Kombucha Day), stay balanced with these kombucha flavors for each dosha.

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Creating a healthy body requires a wide variety of foods. Ayurveda gives us many tips for getting the variety we need. Ayurveda describes the Six Tastes of life-sweet, sour, salty, pungent, bitter and astringent-which all support our body in distinct ways.

The sour taste is the flavor of organic acids and it supports our digestive tract. One powerful way to get this taste in your diet is by drinking kombucha. Kombucha is a fermented tea drink that has been used for millennia to enhance health. Its history dates back to ancient China; it was sipped to aid in digestion, as well as for its detoxifying properties.

Current science is beginning to describe the mechanisms behind these observed effects. The organic acids produced during the fermentation process provide healthy antioxidant effects and support antimicrobial activity against unhealthy bacteria in the gut, therefore helping to create a balanced and efficient digestion.

Kombucha and the Doshas

All fermented foods produce organic acids as part of the fermentation process. According to Ayurveda, the sour taste has the qualities of fire and earth. Because of this, it can aggravate pitta and kapha doshas when taken in excess, but can be modified to encourage a balancing of these doshas. Powerfully, it can be quite balancing for vata dosha, and can even help to strengthen irregular vata digestion.

To balance Vata, choose a calming and smooth flavor such as Lavender Love. Lavender calms the vata mind, while elderberry supports a sensitive immune system.

To balance Pitta, try a fruity flavor like Rose Berry. The cooling energy of rose water blossoms, combined with the sweet flavors of strawberry and vanilla, are just right for soothing pitta.

To balance Kapha, go for the invigorating taste of Cayennade. The blend of spicy cayenne and heating ginger will help to lighten a kapha imbalance in the system.

Kombucha will provide the necessary sour taste to support digestion, bringing the balanced Six Taste diet into alignment. Kombucha supports a healthy lifestyle as we work to incorporate all the tastes of life.

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