A Meditation for Healing Heartbreak

A Meditation for Healing Heartbreak

At some point in our lives, most of us encounter a time where we are forced to navigate the complexities of a broken heart. Heartbreak in all of its forms is an incredibly emotionally taxing experience and one we never feel quite prepared for. Whether it’s a breakup, losing a loved one, or separating from a friend, the grief that comes with heartbreak can feel overwhelming and all-consuming at times.

It’s important that we allow ourselves time to feel the depths of these emotions while taking steps to remedy and soothe our heartbreak through nourishing practices and rituals. While these experiences can feel daunting when we are in the thick of the storm, it’s imperative we remind ourselves of the impermanent nature of difficult emotions and challenging times–this too shall pass. This meditation was designed to help you cope with grief while self-soothing the emotions that come up during this process. Implement this practice regularly, or try it when you feel like your heart is in need of some extra tender loving care.

A Meditation for Healing Heartbreak

Find somewhere comfortable where you will not be disturbed. Assemble an environment that feels soothing and nourishing if you can, burning your favorite scents, wearing comfortable clothing, dimming the lights, and anything else that makes you feel calm and grounded. Find a comfortable seated position, and close down your eyes.

Begin by taking a few deep breaths, starting by filling up the belly, the middle of the ribs, then the chest. Exhale and release the breath out of your mouth. Repeat this pattern five times, imagining any stagnant emotion and energy clearing out of your body as you exhale. Once you have finished, return to a normal breathing pattern.

Start to become present with your body, noticing the sensation of your seat against the surface beneath you, scanning for any other sensations that feel particularly strong and inviting your awareness there. Take note of any sounds you are hearing, the temperature of the space around you, and any smells you may be able to pick up on. Spend a few moments in this space– noticing what is alive in your body and the space around you.

From here, place one hand on your heart and the other on your belly. Breathe into the comfort of the sensations of your hands against your skin, offering yourself the warmth and comfort that a loved one would. Breathe here, and allow any emotions to fully wash over you, reminding yourself that it is okay to feel. Allow yourself to experience whatever comes up as you breathe in and out of your heart space for a few minutes.

Now, with your hands still on your heart and belly, begin to silently repeat to yourself “I am loved, and everything is okay.” Become present with these words, and offer them to yourself as a loving reminder. Repeat this mantra for a few minutes, or until you experience a sense of peace and relief. Come back to this mantra in meditation or by writing it down regularly to help you navigate your grieving process and return to a centered state.

Take a few deep breaths to close your practice, once again exhaling out of your mouth. Return your awareness to the space around you and when you feel ready, gently blink your eyes open. Keep your gaze soft and non-judgmentally notice how you feel compared to the beginning of your practice. Linger in this space for a few moments, taking any movement or breath pattern that feels good to you to seal your practice. Slowly transition out of this meditation and into the rest of your day, returning to this practice and these words whenever you need.

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