A Meditation for Abundance

A Meditation for Abundance
When we think of abundance, we often associate it with money, but the energy of abundance goes far beyond being comfortable financially. Abundance is the energy of having enough, feeling supported, taken care of, and having complete freedom to enjoy life the way we want to.

Tapping into the energy of abundance can mean cultivating more joy and fulfillment in all areas of our lives and noticing the good that is already there. This meditation is designed to help you sync your life to the energy of abundance so you can tap into the joy that is all around you and easily attract the fulfilling people, places, and experiences you desire.

To begin, settle somewhere where you will not be disturbed and find a comfortable position. Take a few deep breaths to settle into the space, then close down your eyes. Begin to tune into the sensation of your breath, feeling as it enters through the nostrils and as it leaves. Become curious about any sensations you are noticing as you sit and breath, becoming aware of how your body feels in the present moment.

From here, begin to direct the breath into your heart space. Inhale into the area of your heart, and imagine exhaling out of the same space. Continue this for a few moments, focusing on the sensation of your heart space.

Then, begin to tap into the energy of appreciation, thinking of an experience from the last 48 hours that brought you joy or pleasure. Tune into how this experience made you feel and the appreciation you have for that moment, tapping into the abundance that exists in your life.

Continue to breathe the energy of appreciation into your heart space as you remember and relive these moments, tapping into the joy and beauty that exists in your day to day life. Allow the memories of these experiences to make you feel nourished, fulfilled, and abundant.
Meditate here for five to ten minutes.

When you finish, return to a regular breath pattern, directing your focus back to your body. Take a few moments to breathe normally and notice the space around you before gently opening your eyes and slowly resuming your day.

Return to this meditation regularly to cultivate a more abundant mindset and open your heart to more nourishing and fulfilling experiences.

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