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Explore These 7 Questions to Help You Design Your Ideal Day

Explore These 7 Questions to Help You Design Your Ideal Day
It can be tricky to design your day centered around what you most enjoy doing, and have everyone you connect with understand perfectly what your needs are and how to best meet them. Plus, it can be challenging to stay “in flow with life” when everything and everyone around you appears to be in chaos.

In order to experience more fulfillment and flow in your day, you have to look within. No one has a magic solution to design your perfect day or life. The solution is to look within yourself, and decide what you want to receive and accomplish. Then take baby steps backward to show you how to get there.

After all, if you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know where you’ll end up when you get there?

Here are seven questions to explore to help you to design your day (and your life) in a way that is aligned according to your unique needs and desires. You also may find yourself much more productive—doing less and achieving more.

Before you begin, first go to a quiet space and take a moment to center yourself with a few breaths, relaxing every muscle in your body. Once you feel totally relaxed, ask yourself the following questions (Don’t edit—just write down whatever comes to you).

1. How Do I Want to Feel Today?

List 3-5 outcomes for how you want to feel during your day. For example, you may want to feel calm, productive, happy, abundance, or at peace. Whatever feelings come to you, just let them flow onto the page.

2. What Is the Result I’m After Today? What Do I Really Want to Achieve?

This can be related to big picture goals or anything that you want to bring more of into your life. Maybe it’s related to your fitness or health, or maybe it’s to spend extra time with your kids or eat dinner as a family.

3. What 3 Actions Can I Take Today That Would Have the Most Impact on My Goal?

Write them down. They can be small tasks like going for a short walk in the morning, or maybe something bigger, like a project you’ve been putting off for some time.

4. How Can I Let Go of the HOW and Allow the Result to Unfold with Less Effort?

For each of the listed action items, release any fear and limitations of how you think it should work out, or won’t work out. Let go of your expectations, and instead just focus on the baby steps to your outcome.

5. How Can I Receive Support Today?

Who can you call on in your life to create more space in your day? Support yourself in the form of a short morning mediation session. This can yield powerful results to the flow and feeling of your entire day.

6. What Can I Do to Take Excellent Care of Myself Today?

Think about adding small self-care rituals to your morning, noon, and evening routines. Soaking in an epsom bath or taking some time for a healthy and satisfying meal are small ways to add in self-care that can yield powerful results.

7. How Can I Bring More Fun and Laughter to My Day?

Maybe the answer lies in watching a comedy at night, or spending time outside playing with your kids.

You may want to schedule this as a journaling session you do at the end of your day—it can help you design your tomorrow, and may bring you lasting and powerful results helping you to live a life you love in the here and now.

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