Hello, I’m
Lalah Delia

Bestselling author, wellness educator, certified spiritual practitioner

Lalah Delia is a spiritual writer, certified spiritual practitioner, empowerment guide, global meditation teacher, multi-disciplinary creative artist, founder of Vibrate Higher Daily School, and bestselling author of Vibrate Higher Daily: Live Your Power.

Through her spiritual gifts and unique visionary work, Lalah guides seekers on a soul journey towards personal transformation, empowerment, confidence, living with more courage, grace, and into self-realization and self-actualization in the world. Lalah empowers individuals to transcend personal limitations and energetic blockages and live their most fulfilling, authentic, and higher purpose life.

Her work, spiritual writings, meditations, and bestselling book are guiding seekers around the globe on a journey back home to their divine path and whole selves.

Her work is a response to her former journey and to the current vibrational state of the world in which we live, navigate, and journey through daily.

Lalah, her work, and her story are featured on film, in documentaries, and in various media, including television, podcasts, and magazine.

Explore and find more of Lalah’s work at VibrateHigherDaily.com.