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Using Vibration to Support Your Spiritual Growth

Using Vibration to Support Your Spiritual Growth

Everything in the world is alive with energy and vibration, moving through us and around us every day. Many aspects of our modern world keep us disconnected from this natural flow of energy. We move through our days distracted, busy, and full of noise. Yet, when we give ourselves a moment to pause and simply be, we can feel the pulsing of energy coursing through us, permeating our individual being and all that surrounds us.

When I became awakened to, and mindful of, vibration and the impact it has on everything in my world, I began to see everything in a new way. With this new understanding, I was able to work with it and form a new, expansive way of being. My life was no longer on autopilot, I was able to create intention in all of my thoughts, my relationships, and the environments I spent time in. Even now, vibration and energy continue to shape my world and all of my experiences because I honor and utilize the power of my own personal vibration to guide my path.

Each of our journeys in spiritual growth will look different because each of us is a unique being with our own distinct vibrational footprint. As we tap into, and understand, the power of vibration and energy, we can discover practices that connect us to our highest self and learn to reclaim our inherent power.

Becoming Aware of Vibration

Vibration is a force we can use with intention throughout every day. Becoming aware of the fact that everything is alive with vibration is a starting point to understanding what is aligned, uplifting, and supportive for us and what keeps us stuck or holds us back.

At all moments, our bodies are receiving messages from both internal and external sources. The people around us, the sounds we hear, what we see, our thoughts, emotions, and all experiences have some impact on us. In this way, we are in constant relationship with each other, ourselves, and everything in our environments. This means that all the experiences we receive shape our path. When we are overstimulated or moving hastily, we might find ourselves burnt out and disconnected.

As we develop an understanding of energy and vibration, we build new relationships with it. We begin to understand what resonates at a lower vibrational frequency and what resonates at higher vibrational frequencies. Through developing this awareness, we can practice shedding the things that keep us stuck or disconnected and bringing in the things that uplift and support us most. Curating our environments with connection and awareness helps us move forward on our path in spiritual growth and remain in service to our highest self.

Using Vibration as a Tool for Transformation

Often, as we move through this world, we lose connection to our truth and our highest self because of the constant messages we receive telling us who we should be and what we should want. Our world is rooted in labels, boxes, and categories, but what if beyond all labels and titles, we began to see ourselves as the vibrational beings that we are. Through developing an understanding of vibration, we access deeper connection with our inner truth, and we move from where we are, potentially stuck in a lower vibration, to where we desire to be, vibrating as our highest selves.

Our mindset and beliefs are often the root of our vibrational state, and our vibrational state is reflected in our external world. Through mindfulness in these areas, what we think and believe can become the catalyst for spiritual growth. We begin to re-imagine ourselves through the power of our thoughts and beliefs and their vibration becomes a tool of transformation. This tool allows us to release old patterns, blockages, and limitations and aligns us with our highest self.

When moving towards the things we desire most, we must first unlearn the messages we’ve received that try to dictate our path and release old narratives rooted in fear and scarcity. The practice of raising our vibration helps us get there. By engaging in relationships, environments, and practices that raise our vibration, we begin to grow roots in our true nature and reshape our world in the light of our deepest desires. We match the vibration of that which we seek and in turn we bring our wildest dreams into the manifest world.

Embodying Truth

We aren’t always aware of the energies we embody, yet in our energy, our thoughts, and our spirits, we are always embodying something. The constant, fast past of this world lends itself to leaving us disconnected and lacking understanding of what our truth may be.

Without awareness of the way our experiences impact us, we don’t always know what energy or vibration we are extending to those around us. By pausing in presence, we begin to reclaim our power by pausing and remember our connection to our highest self. The practice of getting present with ourselves gives us the opportunity to sharpen our vibrational signals and create clarity for what we are receiving and what we are sending out.

This mindfulness and awareness of vibrational states allows me the agency to tune my embodiment to a higher frequency and vibration as necessary. Embodiment is a very active practice in my life and it has allowed for much expansion. To practice embodying our highest vibrational self we must take time to pause, clear away the clutter and make space to connect with our truth.

Stand in Your Power

Gaining vibrational awareness on the path of spiritual growth leads us to stand firmly in our power. As we move through the fluctuations of this life, we can often find ourselves disempowered. This is loss of connection that can keep us stuck in a loop of low vibrational environments and emotions and continue to pull us away from our power.

Standing in your power allows you to move from fear and scarcity to expansion and abundance, from disempowerment to full, embodied empowerment. It also becomes easier and easier to self-regulate, practice changed behavior, and set healthy boundaries when living your power is your focus and compass. This practice might look different each day, which is why awareness matters deeply. Living my power allows me to make day to day choices that agree with me living an empowered life. I journey in grace during the times when I don't realize my power in one area, and I offer gratitude for how it is showing up in another area; this offers spiritual peace and balance.

Remembering who you are is always how you take your power back. Give yourself the opportunity to adapt, to change, and grow while remaining connected to the knowledge that you are inherently powerful as you navigate your personal journey.

Gaining awareness and harnessing the power of your vibration is a journey in uplifting your true nature and highest self. As you continue on this path, allow yourself to curate your internal and external world in service to your highest vibrational self. Discover tangible practices that support you raising your vibration and standing in your power in my book Vibrate Higher Daily: Live Your Power.

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