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Explore Your Creative Spirit

Explore Your Creative Spirit
When we’re growing up, we are full of wonderment because every experience we have is something brand new to us. We are always in the space of discovering something for the very first time. As we grow up in the world and settle into adulthood, we tend to fall into various routines and structures that limit our ability to freely explore. The wonder we once had as children begins to dissolve, and we trade in our creative, unrestricted play for regimented structure.

In our modern society, we are often told to reserve spontaneity and playfulness for kids. We’re raised to believe that at a certain point we must put away the curiosity and playfulness as we move into adulthood. The things we once saw as being full of potential and unlimited possibilities become mundane tasks. All the time we once had to explore is suddenly filled with expectations, duties, and responsibilities. We lose the desire to explore as we fall into habits and patterns, and we often don’t make time for our playful hearts to be free.

By limiting ourselves and our time in this way we disconnect from our ability to find joy, passion, and inspiration. It’s the playful, spontaneous moments that truly allow us to cultivate holistic well-being and honor all aspects of who we are as we continue to discover ourselves.

Cultivating Curiosity

At the root of any form of creativity is curiosity, a desire to create something new and rediscover what possibilities can exist. Over the course of our lives, we form habits, settle into routines, and develop expectations, all of which can either serve us or hinder our growth. We’re conditioned to exist within rigid structures and guidelines telling us how to spend our time, what to wear, how to show up in space and so much more. The messaging we receive creates a story for our lives often before we have any say in the matter. Our ability to show up with openness and curiosity allows every moment to be a new opportunity to harness our inherent creativity and be the writers of our own story.

When we think of creativity, often our minds automatically go to artists of certain mediums, from musician, to painter, to culinary art. The spectrum of creativity is skewed into this narrow understanding and if we don’t express ourselves in those ways, we might dismiss our creative spirits. Tapping into creativity is present when you shift your perspective and discover a new way to look at something, when you put together a new playlist, place art in your home, and even when you are buying new furniture for your space. There are endless forms of creativity and each of us will have our own expression.

When we give ourselves permission to arrive with curiosity in all situations, we let ourselves grow and express without limitation. Reconnecting with our creative, inspired hearts allows us to find wholeness and open to the possibilities we didn’t even know existed as we move forward on the path of well-being.

Practice Listening to Your Inner Self

As we follow the path, discovering the creativity that lives within us, one of the greatest tools we have is our ability to listen. Our curiosity can often be guided by our experience of joy. When we cultivate connection with the subtler layers of our being, we begin to understand how joy manifests itself in our bodies, minds, and hearts. By listening to all the ways our bodies are communicating with us, we tap into our inner intuition and follow the path that serves us best.

When we’re stuck in the demands of our daily lives, we tend to forget to listen. Our lives are undeniably demanding of our time and energy, we tend to quickly get wrapped up in the busyness of our day-to-day lives and tasks. Sounds and messages from the external world become so loud that we lose connection with the internal messages we receive on a regular basis. With so many tasks and commitments consuming our time and energy carving out space for our creative exploration can feel inaccessible.

Our connection to creativity is vital for our well-being. Creativity connects us to inspiration, purpose, joy, and liberation. There have already likely been moments in your life that you have accessed your creative spirit to guide you towards your deepest passion or desire. It’s a familiar feeling because it is the undercurrent of our entire life. Our most natural state is that of joy and utter bliss, when we tune into the ways we are being communicated with we automatically start to discover how joy feels in our bodies. The practice is allowing ourselves to be guided by that innate feeling so that more of our lives are filled with our fullest expression.

Take a moment to reflect on how you can allow yourself to be guided by your curiosity.

  • What would your life look like if you encountered everything with the mind of a beginner?
  • How can you give yourself permission to play, without the need to achieve any goal or outcome?
  • When I experience joy, what sensations do I feel in my body?

There is magic surrounding us every single day. If we are stuck in our routines, we move through life in familiar environments, completing daily tasks and everything begins to lose its luster; we forget to look up and see the energy of creativity in even the smallest details. Take time each day to look up and see the magic that is all around you every day. Allow yourself to be guided by curiosity, joy, and your deepest desires as you tune into your creative spirit.

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