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Unlocking the Secret Energy of Money

Unlocking the Secret Energy of Money
Once upon a time, a financial tale was woven for you. Its plot was carefully crafted from family experiences, societal influences, and cultural patterns. Even though the money story of your youth may not be representative of your present values, it has likely guided your entire financial life. Fortunately, you are not bound by the narrative of your past.

The following steps will guide you through the process of updating your financial perspectives and bringing them into alignment with who you are today. Replacing antiquated fears with fresh, inspiring thoughts will change your relationship with money and the way in which it manifests in your life.

Step One: Notice Your Internal Money Dialogue

We talk to ourselves all day long. Author Michael Singer calls this mental chatter our “internal roommate.” Most of the time, we let that roommate babble without paying much attention to what it is saying. The first step in rewriting your money story is to become conscious of what your inner “roommate” is telling you about money. Does it ever whisper any of the following thoughts?

  • You don’t have enough money.
  • You’ll never be able to afford that.
  • Wanting money is greedy.
  • You don’t need money because you are spiritual.
  • You’re not good with money.
  • The more you give away the less you have for yourself.
  • The only way to earn money is through hard work and sacrifice.
  • Dealing with money is such a hassle.
  • You need to get to a point where you don’t have to worry about money.

As you begin to notice repetitive ideas, write them down. Don’t concern yourself with changing the thoughts. Simply create an awareness of them.

Step Two: Challenge Habitual Thought Patterns

Rewriting your story means discarding old beliefs that no longer reflect your current values. After you have written down your recurring financial thoughts, it is time to see which ones align with the vision you hold for your future.

For each statement that you wrote down in step one, ask yourself these questions:

  • Did I create this idea or is it a product of someone else’s beliefs?
  • Is this thought absolutely true (meaning for all people in all circumstances)? If so, how do I know?
  • Is this belief one that will serve me now and into the future?
  • Does this idea align with who I want to be?

Categorize your recurrent money thoughts into “keep” and “discard” columns.

Step Three: Generate New Thoughts

Step three encourages you to rewrite your story in a way that aligns with your personal beliefs and convictions. Begin by jotting down words that describe the feelings you would like to have about money. Examples might include security, peace, generosity, wealth, and abundance.

For each feeling that you depict, ask yourself two questions:

  • What is my part in creating this experience?
  • What is the Universe’s part in bringing this experience to me?

You will see that there is always something you must do and a corresponding response from the Universe. This is the process of co-creation with Life. For example, if you are considering the value of generosity, you may discover that if you give generously (your part) money flows into your life in unexpected ways (the Universe’s part).

Step Four: Create Positive Affirmations

Financial affirmations replace outdated beliefs with new, positive ones. They give your mental roommate a script that magnetizes people, places, and experiences into your life. The secret to creating affirmations that evoke change is to perceive their truth in the present moment.

To create your personal affirmations, place the words “I am” in front of each feeling word that you wrote down in step three: “I am secure. I am peaceful. I am generous. I am wealthy. I am abundant.” Remember that in your essential nature, you indeed embody all of these qualities.

You can also create affirmations out of your “my part/Universe’s response” statements. For example, “As I give generously, the Universe brings unexpected income into my life.”

Repeat your affirmations throughout the day, sensing their truth in the present moment. Anytime you notice thoughts from your old money story arising in your mind, repeat your affirmations with deep attention.

The money problems of your past were never about money. They were simply a reflection of your consciousness. Unlocking the secret energy of money requires only that you change the consciousness you bring to money. Throughout the day, numerous thoughts influence how you make, spend, save, and share money. By replacing thoughts of lack, limitation, and struggle with ones of abundance, generosity, and ease, you will magnetize money to you.

As your mind fills with gratitude and your eyes behold the abundance of the Universe everywhere, your financial landscape will automatically mirror the shift in consciousness. Your life, including your financial outlook, will then reveal the beautiful, vibrant, and supportive story that you create.

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